Hanoi in February: Weather & Best Things to Do

Hanoi in February is immersed in a festive atmosphere as the Lunar New Year celebration falls around this time every year. Let’s explore what interesting things Hanoi offers you in February!

Hanoi Weather in February

Hanoi Weather in February

Hanoi Weather in February

In February, the weather becomes slightly warmer, with an average temperature ranging from 15-22°C. Light rain and fog occur more frequently, especially in the mornings. The rainfall is around 28mm, and the humidity is approximately 70%. Besides wearing jackets and gloves for the early mornings when riding motorbikes, using a small umbrella while traveling in drizzles is also a romantic choice. You can check the exact weather for your trip via AccuWeather.

Travelers visiting Hanoi and Vietnam in February are fortunate because there are numerous festivals and traditional dishes during the Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday). Arriving in Hanoi about a week before Tet allows you to experience the vibrant atmosphere here, as people are bustling and hurrying to prepare for the celebration. You can witness the tender beauty of peach blossoms and apricot blossoms all over the city.

Things to Do in Hanoi in February

As February is the time when Tet Holiday takes place, there are several activities for you to participate in during your trip to Hanoi.

Visit Ngoc Son Temple

A View of Ngon Son Temple

A View of Ngon Son Temple

Ngoc Son Temple is located on a small island in Hoan Kiem Lake, known as Jade Island. If Turtle Tower is situated to the south of the lake, Ngoc Son Temple is located in the northeast. All of these structures form a harmonious cultural and historical complex with the natural scenery and have become an iconic representation of Hanoi’s culture and history. Despite going through many constructions, renovations, name changes, and restorations throughout history, Ngoc Son Temple has preserved its ancient architectural style. To enter the temple, you have to cross the famous The Huc Bridge of Hanoi.

In February, along with the lively atmosphere of Tet, Hanoi residents come to Ngoc Son Temple with their families to pray for a peaceful and healthy new year. Visiting Ngoc Son Temple, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the spiritual space and learn about the culture and traditions of Hanoi’s people during these special days.

Stop by the Temple of Literature

During the first days of the Tet Holiday, you should visit the Temple of Literature when in Hanoi. This place is considered the very first university in Vietnam, proving the root of the hard-study tradition of Vietnamese.

Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature

Travel to the Temple of Literature during this time, you will find many people coming here to pray for their work as well as their studying. Hanoians, mostly students, come to seek calligraphy words from the learned scholars. This practice dates back to ancient times and is still preserved until now. People would request a calligraphed word that represents their wish. For example, if one seeks success, one might ask for the word “Tài.” This is a meaningful tradition, and you can participate by coming here and trying to receive the word reflecting your desires.

Wander around Hanoi Old Quarter – Explore the Beauty of Hanoi in February

When in Hanoi, you cannot miss out on the Hanoi Old Quarter. In the early days of the new year, every corner of the Hanoi Old Quarter is adorned with vibrant red colors to welcome the most important festival of the Vietnamese people: the Tet Festival.

Looking for Tet decorations in Hanoi

Looking for Tet decorations in Hanoi

Visiting Hanoi in February, you will have the chance to delve into the distinctive atmosphere of Hanoi’s Tet, admiring the crowded and bustling streets. However, if you visit the Old Quarter on the exact days of Tet, specifically the first and second days of the Lunar New Year, you will be surprised to find the streets much quieter than ever before, as all shops and stalls are closed. This is because it is the time for families to gather together after a year of hard work.

Join in Co Loa Temple Festival

The Co Loa Temple Festival is one of the significant traditional festivals of the Vietnamese people. It takes place at Co Loa Temple, located in the eastern part of Hanoi. The festival usually occurs on the 1st and 2nd day of the first lunar month, which corresponds to February in the Gregorian calendar. The Co Loa Temple Festival has educational significance for the people about the spirit of unity, resilience, and sacrifice for the country. At the same time, the festival also preserves and promotes the cultural heritage values of the Vietnamese nation.

Co Loa Temple Festival in February

Co Loa Temple Festival in February

During the Co Loa Temple Festival, you can enjoy various unique art performances, including water puppetry and folk singing at the Ngoc Well. People in the village sing back and forth on dragon boats without musical accompaniment. Additionally, you can watch traditional plays reenacting historical stories of Vietnam.

Explore Lim Festival in Bac Ninh

If you are a travel enthusiast and love to immerse in the festive atmosphere, Lim Festival is a must-attend event during your trip in February. Taking place in Bac Ninh, a province not so far from Hanoi, Lim Festival illustrates in the deepest way the cultural arts and spiritual beliefs of local people here.

Quan Ho folk song

Quan Ho Bac Ninh

Joining the Lim Festival, not only can you learn more about the traditional culture but also have a chance to enjoy famous folk singing (Quan ho Bac Ninh), the national art heritage that is rooted in Bac Ninh. Folk singers would wear colorful traditional clothes, standing on a boat, which is considered a stage, and singing while the boat flows along the river.

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Visit Mai Chau from Hanoi

Lac Village, Mai Chau

Lac Village, Mai Chau

When you come to Hanoi in February and have explored the capital, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Mai Chau during this time! Only about a 3-hour drive from Hanoi, you can immerse yourself in a peaceful and rustic space amidst the mountains and forests of the Northwest region.

Not only can you enjoy the early-year mountain scenery when green leaves sprout and various flowers bloom, but you can also experience the Tet atmosphere of the ethnic minorities living here. Tourists will have the chance to discover the traditional Tet of the Thai and Hmong ethnic groups, which is different from the traditional Tet of the people in Hanoi.

Enjoy Panoramic View of Hanoi at Lotte Observation Deck

February is not only the time for Lunar New Year but also the time for the romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. Lotte Observation Deck will be a fantastic dating spot for you and your partner. From up there, you can admire the panoramic view of the entire city of Hanoi and capture unforgettable photos together. Furthermore, the Lotte building also houses many upscale restaurants, providing a perfect setting for spending quality time with your loved one on this significant Valentine’s Day.

Skywalk Lotte Tower Observation Deck

Skywalk Lotte Tower Observation Deck

Must-Try Foods in Hanoi in February

Chung Cake – Traditional Food of Vietnam Tet Holiday

Traditional Chung Cake

Traditional Chung Cake

When you come to Hanoi in February, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Chung Cake, an essential part of the Tet festival of Vietnamese people. Chung Cake is one of the familiar traditional dishes with deep cultural significance in Vietnam. During the Tet days, across the streets of Hanoi, tourists can easily find shops and stores displaying these appealing Chung Cake.

Chung Cake is made from glutinous rice, pork fat, pork meat, dried shallots, and mung beans, creating a unique and delicious flavor. The careful and meticulous wrapping process forms a neat and eye-catching square shape. When savoring Chung Cake, tourists not only experience the delightful taste but also immerse themselves in the Tet tradition of the Vietnamese people.

Sticky Rice

One of the characteristic dishes that can’t be missed in the delightful menu of the capital is Sticky Rice. Coming to Hanoi in February, during the cool weather, a bowl of hot sticky rice will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Xoi (Sticky Rice)

Xoi (Sticky Rice)

Sticky Rice is a traditional and rustic dish, beloved and favored by Hanoians from ancient times until now. Every morning, the corners of Hanoi are filled with the alluring aroma of renowned Xoi vendors. The sweet taste of glutinous rice combined with savory side dishes such as braised pork, fried eggs, and sausages will offer you an entirely new flavor.

Bun Thang

In the list of must-try dishes in February, Bun Thang is a traditional dish that embodies the essence of Hanoi’s culinary culture.

This dish is a harmonious combination of various flavors, made from leftover ingredients from Tet such as dried shrimp, shredded chicken, fried eggs, and Vietnamese pork roll. Each ingredient, in small amounts, blends delicately to create an irresistible specialty dish. A bowl of authentic Hanoi-style Bun Thang will surely leave you longing for more.

Hanoi Traditional Bun Thang

Hanoi Traditional Bun Thang

February is the time when Hanoi is enveloped in the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year. The modern vibrancy blends with Hanoi’s traditional charm, undoubtedly making you fall in love with this city. If you need more information, feel free to contact us to have the best trip to Hanoi.

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