Vietnam in November: Weather and Best places to visit

November is one of the best times to travel to Vietnam as it has a good balance of temperatures and rainfall. November is perfect for beach vacations and even active adventures in Vietnam. Find out in this article the details about the weather and the best places to visit in Vietnam in November!

Vietnam Weather conditions in November

Vietnam’s weather in November has such low humidity and five hours of sunshine per day in the north. In addition, UV levels will be high, so don’t forget to use your sunscreen. After 5 p.m, you will be safe from sunburn. On the other hand, as November is the winter time in Vietnam, the average temperature is quite low, only around 23°C and it is cool all over the country. With less rain and comfortable weather, it seems that November is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Although the weather is quite pleasant throughout the country this month, Vietnam’s climate is different from region to region, as always. Check out the details below!

The North: Chilly

In Hanoi and other northern provinces of Vietnam, it is quite cold with an average temperature of 15°C to 18°C in November. Usually, at the end of this month, the temperature drops and is ready to welcome the very cold winter with extremely strong monsoons in December. At this time, while the temperature in Hanoi does not drop much (it normally stays between 13°C and 15°C), in some mountainous areas, the temperature is even below 10°C. Although it is quite cold, it hardly rains in November, which means you can travel to this region and enjoy outdoor activities with confidence without fear of getting wet.

In November, Hanoi streets are full of the Chrysanthemum blossom

In November, Hanoi streets are full of the Chrysanthemum blossom

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The Center: cool with less rain

As the center of Vietnam is long (about 2000 km and represents half the length of the country), the weather is totally different between the north center and the south center in November. The North Central region has almost the same climate as the North Central region, the temperature in November being quite low. In fact, it is usually only 2 to 3°C higher than in the North. On the other hand, the South Central region has the same climate as the South, as November marks the end of the rainy season here and opens up the most beautiful time for a beach vacation: the dry season with less rain, cool weather and warm sea water.

My Khe Beach

November is a good time for a beach holiday in central Vietnam

The South: End of rains

In southern Vietnam, although November is the last month of the rainy season, the average rainfall is only about 117 mm, which is much less than the previous month. You can expect approximately 6 to 7 hours of sunshine per day. The average temperature in the south in November is between 23°C and 31°C, which is quite cool, especially since this period is close to the beginning of the dry season, which is perfect for outdoor activities and travel.

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Vietnam Festivals in November

Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (20/11) – A very meaningful and noble day

On November 20, 1982, the first national celebration was held with great fanfare. Since that day, November 20 has become one of the most traditional and important days for the education sector of his country, honoring each person who has contributed to the development of this sector and their achievements to grow the new future, its students. Students bring flowers and small gifts to express their gratitude to their teachers. “Venerate teachers and respect morals” is also a way for Vietnamese to remember who they are, how they became and that their successes are not their own but many others. On a Vietnam Tour in November, you may even be invited to participate in a Vietnamese Teachers’ Day celebration!

Vietnameses Teacher's Day

Vietnameses Teacher’s Day

Ok Om Bok Festival – Traditional Khmer festival

The Ok Om Bok festival is a religious service that worships the moon deity of the Khmer minority group and prays for good luck, happiness, good weather and abundant crops. It usually takes place when the dry season begins and the rice ripens in the fields.
The moon worship ceremony takes place on the evening of the 14th of the tenth lunar month, around November according to the Gregorian calendar, before the moon reaches its peak. Anyone visiting Khmer homes on this occasion will taste Cốm dẹp (a kind of young sticky rice). In the pagodas of the Khmer people, the inhabitants organize releases of paper lanterns into the sky and throw them into the rivers. The custom of releasing flying and floating lanterns is supposed to sweep away darkness, impurity and sadness from the village. Many traditional Khmer activities are organized on the evening of the 14th.

Ok Om Bok Festival

Ok Om Bok Festival

Vietnam’s top destinations to visit in November

Mountainous regions in North Vietnam – Best places for cloud hunting

November is also the time for cloud hunting in the mountainous areas of northern Vietnam. Ta Xua, Y Ti, Fansipan, etc., there are many high points that you can conquer and dive into the sea of clouds. Before November, it is too hot to see the clouds; after November, it is too cold and the weather conditions cause some difficulties for cloud hunting. Therefore, to have the best cloud hunting experience, you should come to North Vietnam in November at the latest.

Cloud Hunting in Sapa

Cloud Hunting in Sapa

Ha Giang – It’s time for the buckwheat flowers

If you come to Vietnam in November, don’t forget to admire buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang. This is the time when buckwheat flowers in the high mountains of this remote province. Within a month, this flower species changes its color from pink to dark red to purple. The vast field of amazingly colored flowers is a great place to let yourself go and take pictures. There are also many places to choose from, such as Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, Sung La, Lung Cu and Pho Bang. Don’t forget to take pictures with beautiful views here before you leave.

Buckwheat Flowers in Ha Giang - Vietnam in November

Buckwheat Flowers in Ha Giang

Bai Tu Long Bay – Less touristic in high season

November is undoubtedly the perfect time to experience an overnight cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay. While its brethren Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay are invaded by a large number of tourists during this high season, this small area remains secluded and retains its quiet atmosphere.

Bai Tu Long Bay has the same magnificent beauty as the famous Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. But since it is not so popular (usually only locals know about it), it keeps its wild beauty which is almost unaffected by tourist activities. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, be sure to spend at least one night on a cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay and enjoy this less touristy area.

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Beaches and islands in South Vietnam – Perfect to stay on the most beautiful beaches of the world

November marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of an incredible dry season for a beach holiday in southern Vietnam. Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc Island, etc., there is a wide range of beautiful beaches to choose from and all of them can be the highlight of your Vietnam trip. With less rain and warm sunshine, the November weather in Vietnam is absolutely perfect for a wonderful vacation on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Mekong Delta – Discover Ok Om Bok Festival in November

November is not only a good time to visit the Mekong Delta, but also the time to participate in the most famous traditional Khmer event in the region: the Ok Om Bok festival. This festival is widely spread throughout the Mekong Delta region, especially in Tra Vinh and Soc Trang provinces, where a large number of Khmer people live.

During the festival, people make offerings to the moon god and eat young rice to thank the god for the abundant harvest. In addition, some interesting activities go on during the festival, such as boat races and lantern release. Ok Om Bok takes place on the full moon day of the 10th month of the Khmer calendar, which usually corresponds to November of the Gregorian calendar. So you must be in South Vietnam at the right time to enjoy it.

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Given the endless opportunities available in the country, it is advisable to book the trip to this amazing piece of land now. With the right amount of offers around the corner, Vietnam will surely let travelers enjoy the trip in every way. So, if you are planning a Vietnam vacation in November, make sure you do not miss out on these experiences.

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  1. Nice article! I visited Vietnam in at the end of November last year and it was really amazing. My family went through 3 main destinations: Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and Hanoi. Hanoi was dry and cold at that time, suitable for outdoor activities. If having a chance to come back, I will surely visit Sapa and Ha Giang and stroll around the ethnic markets.

    1. Hi Lynda,
      We are so happy to hear about your wonderful experience in Vietnam. You are true, Ha Giang is one of the must-visit destinations in Vietnam in November when you can admire valleys of blooming buckwheat flowers.
      Looking forward to see you in our amazing country in the near future. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or a customized tour itinerary.
      Best regards,
      Alice Pham.

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