Visit Vietnam in August: Weather and Best Places to Go

No longer the harsh sun or torrential rains, August is a very suitable time for travel. Due to the north-south extension, the three north, central and south regions experience different weather conditions and seasons of the year. If you want to visit Vietnam in August, our following guides can help.

Overview of Vietnam Weather in August

Although it’s the first month of autumn, Vietnam in August is still extremely hot. Of course, it’s cooler than in July, but the average temperature in August is still quite high, at around 32°C. There are showers throughout the country, but they only make the weather more comfortable for a few days, after which it becomes even hotter.

On the other hand, Vietnam is a long country, and it’s not surprising that the weather is different in the three regions. Take a look at the weather details for each region below:

In the North: Autumn is coming step by step

The North of Vietnam welcomes autumn in August. Although it’s very hot, it’s still the most romantic time of the year that you shouldn’t miss. There is a huge difference in the temperature at this time. It can reach 37°C at the beginning of August and drop to 25°C by the end of the month. Additionally, daytime and nighttime temperatures are also different, it’s a bit cool at night while it’s hot during the day.

The northern part of Vietnam doesn’t have much rain in August, but when the rain comes, it becomes heavy showers that can soak many streets and cause severe flooding in mountainous areas. Aside from the rain, August is actually an ideal time to enjoy beautiful landscapes and take photos. The mountains offer more trekking opportunities, and the terraced rice fields begin to change from green to golden.

Visit Vietnam in August - Com - Hanoi

Com is a special gift in Hanoi in august

In the Central: End of the dry season

August is a good time to visit Central Vietnam as it is the end of the dry season. Generally, it is sunny with temperatures ranging from 30°C to 35°C. However, the end of August marks the beginning of the rainy season and cloudy weather. Fortunately, these showers disappear as quickly as they arrived, leaving the sky clear and bright again. Moreover, the cities in the central region closer to the south of Vietnam (Da Lat, some of the Central Highlands) will be more humid than other regions. 

In the South: Halfway through the monsoon season

This month is only halfway through the 5-month monsoon season in southern Vietnam. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and the Mekong Delta are inundated with almost daily showers. These showers usually occur in the afternoon, and you can still expect many sunny and dry hours. The average temperature in August is around 27°C (80°F), but highs can still regularly climb to 37°C.

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Major Events in Vietnam in August

Vu Lan Festival

Vu Lan festival is originally a Buddhist festival intended to express gratitude towards mothers, and then gradually becomes a popular event to pay homage to parents and ancestors. Visit Vietnam on this occasion, you will see Vietnamese people going to pagodas and putting a rose on their shirts to show their infinite love for their parents.

Vu Lan Festival

Vu Lan Festival

Hon Chen Festival, Hue

Just upstream of Hue, the Hon Chen Temple is the site of the Hon Chen Festival – a community celebration that takes place twice a year (in the fourth and seventh lunar months) along the Perfume River. This ancient temple is sacred to processions and offerings. You will have the chance to see colorful dragon boats sail along the river during the welcoming ceremony of the gods and admire the vibrant costumes of actors dressed as characters from the Nguyen Dynasty. Moreover, on the last evening, floating lanterns in the night sky offer you a unique view. 

Long Chu Festival, Hoi An

If you visit Vietnam in August, you may have the opportunity to witness the villagers of Hoi An beach holding a ritual on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month to protect the region during the transition of seasons. The boatmen of the region carry in procession a bamboo replica of the Long Chu dragon boat from the village to the river and the sea. The dragon boat is a symbol of divine strength, and it is used to ward off epidemics and bad luck. Traditional songs and folk games are also part of the celebration. 

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in August

Sapa – The best time for trekking

Rice paddies in Sapa

In August, Sapa welcomes the beginning of autumn with cool air. In the morning, at the beginning of August, Sapa is full of clouds, resembling soft cotton. The town of Sapa is hidden in the mist, and if you wake up early, you will see the clouds rolling in the sky high above the ground. At the end of August is the harvest season in Sapa, and the rice turns from green to yellow. When you visit Vietnam in August and go to Sapa at this time, you will enjoy an amazing view, immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere, or capture the best images of Sapa. Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, and Cat Cat are among the best trekking routes in Sapa. Note that it can be hot and rainy, but it’s still worth trekking during this month.

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Phong Nha National Park – A must for adventure seekers

While most regions are affected by the monsoon season in August, Phong Nha in Quang Binh remains unaffected. Phong Nha is home to Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave nestled around karst mountains and boasts the longest underground river.

Visit Vietnam in August - Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave

There is a vast number of flora and fauna species to explore by boat. To have an unforgettable experience, tourists should not miss Phong Nha Cave, Tien Son Cave, and Thien Duong Cave.

Danang – Ideal place to have fun in August

Danang is one of the best places in Vietnam to visit in August, as it is no longer the monsoon or typhoon season. My Khe Beach is beautiful with its smooth white sand beaches, peaceful waves, golden sand, warm blue waters, and a romantic and poetic environment. It is even more attractive when the sun goes down. Another tourist attraction you should visit during your stay in Danang is Ba Na Hills, which is perfect for having fun.

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My Khe Beach - Danang

My Khe Beach – Danang

Nha Trang – The best place to recharge your energy

Nha Trang, a pearl of the ocean, is an ideal destination to visit Vietnam in August because it is the dry season with little or no rain. Lying on the beautiful white sand beaches, sunbathing, or participating in amazing water activities, tasting a diversity of seafood will be a great experience here. Visiting Ba Ho Waterfall, seeing the Cham Towers of Po Nagar, taking a mud bath, snorkeling, scuba diving, discovering Long Son Pagoda, or visiting Vinpearl will help you recharge your energy.

Mud bath in Nha Trang

Mud bath in Nha Trang

August is a wonderful time to take a nice trip to Vietnam. By wisely choosing a location that enjoys good weather conditions and is suitable for your preferences, you will not be disappointed. Whether it’s exploring the mountains or vacationing on the beach, there are plenty of exciting activities to experience this month. Read our Vietnam Travel Guide and do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to visit Vietnam in August or any month of the year.

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