Laos car rental with driver

xLaos, in contrast to Thailand or Vietnam, still has a lot of unexplored areas. However, you must carefully consider Laos’ internal travel arrangements if you are organizing a Laos tour. Since it is not very developed,you might face many difficulties. Although there are many ways to get around, English is frequently not spoken, travel is slow, and there is a chance that the roads will be flooded or unpaved altogether. Therefore, IDC offers Laos Car rental with driver service to help you out with this. However, if you still want to consider other transportation methods, here are some of the most popular ways.

How to Get Around Laos’ Cities Internally

Domestic Flights

The domestic airline in Laos is Lao Airlines, while there are only a few flights from Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Pakse to East Asia on other airlines. Flights are only searchable on their websites; they are not displayed on flight comparison websites. Prices can be high due to a lack of price competition, and there aren’t enough flights to reach every destination in Laos every day of the week. Lao Airlines lacks the resources to help people with special needs or limited mobility, much like the majority of Laos.

Tuk Tuk

In Indochina countries, the Tuk Tuk is a common vehicle, and so is the Laos. The typical tuk tuks are frequently crowded and do not have air conditioning. So it is very uncomfortable for tourists to travel around with this transportation. 

Public Long-Distance Buses

Just so you know, using the public ground transportation in Laos is a time-consuming process. Laotians exchange convenience, cleanliness, and swiftness for cash. So the buses tend to be crowded and stop a lot. Bus tickets may sell out during the peak season, which is roughly from November to March. It’s possible that you’ll share a tin bed on the night buses with a complete stranger. Although the VIP night buses have air conditioning and a bathroom, the blankets might not be clean. It’s common for people to throw up during a choppy, winding ride. So try not to eat before you go.

Why renting private car is the best way to travel in Laos internally?

Many passengers in crowded buses experience dizziness and nausea due to the region’s often choppy and uneven roads. Additionally, the buses only take brief breaks. Taking a private vehicle is therefore much more comfortable and healthy and it is much quicker.

For travel and business needs, Laos car rentals with driver are available in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Pakse, and all other Laotian cities. We have a variety of private cars available for hire to accommodate small, large groups, or families.

Laos car rental with driver


Since there aren’t many airports and the attractions are spread out, traveling with us is a great way to see the entire area. You might as well travel the entire distance by road vehicle from different locations in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Because we travel directly to the locations you desire, you may find that our drivers can get you to the major attractions more quickly than even flights can. Once you arrive, our driver and guide will assist you in visiting the best shopping areas.

Moreover, we also offer shuttle service for golfer during you laos golf tour. We have appropriate cars for golfers who play in Laos. Golf equipment and passengers can both fit in the vehicles.

We can make your trip to Laos into a fantastic inland tour with the stops, meals, lodging, and activities you specify along the way. Compared to public transportation, it is safer and more enjoyable. For professional guidance on creating your own tour, get in touch with us. We are capable of managing the journey across multiple regions and making it fun.

Basic routes/ car with driver rental prices in Laos:

Route 9 seats 15 seats
Pick up/ drop off airport – Hotel (VTE) 37 43
Dinner transfer 37 43
Pick up / drop off Friendship Bridge (VTE) 67 81
VTE – Buddha  Park 81 94
VTE full day tour 68 81
VTE – Phou Kuoay Mountain – VTE (1 day) 157 195
VTE – Phou Kuoay Mountain – VTE (2 days) 202 240
Pick up / drop off airport – Hotel (LPB) 19 30
Ban Done Boat Pier – City Center 20 31
Ban Done Boat Pier – Santi Resort 25 37
Airport LPB – Santi Resort 21 31
Alms giving or dinner only 18 30
Alms giving or dinner with tour combining 18 21
Full Day City Tour 50 63
LPB – Kwuang Si – LPB 56 68
LPB City Tour – Kwuang Si – LPB 63 75
LPB – Pak Ou – LPB (Pak Ou by boat, car drop off and pick up at pier) 56 68
LPB – Pak Ou-Kwuang Si – LPB  (Pak Ou by boat, car drop off and pick up at pier) 72 94
LPB – Henri Mahout’s Grave – LPB 30 43
LPB Town / Airport – Shangri Lao/Lao Spirited/Zen – Nam Khan Resort (1 way) 37 50
LPB – Elephant Village – LPB (Full day) 56 75
LPB – Nong Kiaw (1 way) 157 182
LPB – Nong Kiaw (1 days/ 1 night) 182 220
LPB – Pak Ou -Nong Kiaw 195 220
LPB -Nong Kiaw – Ban Sonja – Ban Nayang – LPB 227 258
LPB – Ban Nayang – Nong Kiaw / vice versa 195 252
LPB – Pak Ou – Ban Nayang – Nong Kiaw / vice versa 202 258
LPB – Oudomxai 258 321
LPB – Oudomxai – Muang La (1 day) 321 372
LPB -Oudomxai – Muang La – Muang Khua (1 day) 372 422
LPB – Oudomxai – Muang La – Muang Khua (2 days/ 1 night) 422 486
LPB -Oudomxai – Muang La – Muang Khua (3 days/ 2 nights) 486 574
LPB -Oudomxai – Muang La – Muang Khua (4 days/ 3 nights) 574 663
LPB – Oudomxai – Bountai (1 day) 448 536
LPB – Oudomxai – Bountai (2 days/ 1 night) 625 739
LPB – Hongsa (2 days/ 1 night) 391 480
LPB – Hongsa (3 days/ 2 nights) 455 556
LPB – Hongsa (4 days/ 3 nights) 518 644
LPB – Xayabouli (2 days/ 1 night) 309 334
LPB – Xayabouli (3 days/ 2 nights) 385 486
LPB – Xayabouli (4 days/ 2 nights) 448 612
LPB-Xieng Khouang + Tour in Xieng Khouang (2 days/ 1 night) 448 505
LPB-Xieng Khouang + Tour in Xieng Khouang (3 days/ 2 nights) 498 574
LPB – Xieng Khouang – Vang Vieng – VTE (3 days/ 2 nights) 549 632
LPB – Xieng Khouang – Vang Vieng – VTE (4 days/ 3 nights) 713 789
LPB – Nong Khiaw – Viengthong – Xiang Khoang – LPB (3 days/ 3 nights) 701 834
LPB – Nong Khiaw – Viengthong – Xiang Khoang – LPB (5 days/ 4 nights) 771 961
LPB – Xiang Khoang – Muang Kham – Vieng Xai -Kaysone Cave – Samneua (3 days/ 2 nights) 581 771
LPB – Xiang Khoang – Muang Kham – Vieng Xai – Kaysone Cave – Samneua (4 days/ 3 nights) 708 897
LPB – Xiang Khoang – Muang Kham – Vieng Xai – Kaysone Cave – Samneua (5 days/ 4 nights) 834 1087
LPB – Nong Khiaw – Vieng Thong – Xieng Khoang – Vang Vieng – Vientiane (5 days/ 4 nights) 1226 1378
LPB – Vang Vieng -Vientiane (2 days/ 1 night) 422 473
LPB – Vang Vieng -Vientiane (3 days/ 2 nights) 486 574
LPB – VV – Ban Phon – VTE (2 days/ 1 night) 448 612
LPB – VV – Nam Ngum – VTE (2 days/ 1 night) 486 574

All costs are expressed in US dollars.  

Our prices cover the cost of the vehicle, the driver, gas, tolls, food, and lodging for the driver…

The fares listed above are for the busiest routes, connecting major cities with nearby tourist attractions. Check with us for Laos car rental with driver prices for any routes that match your travel plans.

Car rental with driver in Laos

IDC Travel offers almost all types of cars for rent for tours or business trips to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar, in addition to operating cars for tours in these nations.

It’s amazing to rent a car and drive yourself around Laos. Almost all car types are available to rent from IDC Travel for your vacation or business trip to Laos.

Our cars in Laos

Laos is a mountainous country; the roads there are generally poor between the provinces, but they are good within the cities.

Groups of 3 or fewer passengers can use a 4 seat Toyota HiLux (Pickup car), a 5 seat Toyota Vios, a Toyota Camry, an 8 seat Toyota Innova, or an 8 seat Ford Everest.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry


Groups of 4 or 5 passengers can use 8 seat Toyota Innova, 8 seat Ford Everest, 9 seat Toyota Hiace Limousine.

Toyota Hiace Limousine

Groups of 4 or 6 passengers can use 8 seat Toyota Innova, 8 seat Ford Everest, 9 seat Toyota Hiace Limousine, 15 seat Ford Transit, or a Mercedes Sprinter.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

Our cars range from entry-level VIP luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW to well-known brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Ford. With all functions (air conditioning, seat belts, etc.) functioning properly and being regularly maintained in good condition, our cars in Laos are almost a few years old.

Our drivers are knowledgeable, skilled, and have good people skills. In addition to providing transportation, our drivers can assist you with any needs you may have. With our cars, you will always feel safe and comfortable.

While on your car rental trip, our sales are always available to help; travelers can reach our tour operator at any time using the driver’s mobile phone.

We have family-friendly cars that can accommodate a baby seat, as well as careful and patient drivers.

Typically, we provide car rental rates based on the tourist’s itinerary, including the destinations to see and the amount of time spent driving. We can also provide “day by day” estimates if you are unsure of where to go or would prefer a completely “free” trip. Upon request, our salespeople can assist with researching hotels, restaurants, and other pertinent information.

We highly advise hiring a tour guide for your trip; he or she will help make your trip more interesting.

Visitors can rent cars in Laos to travel to nearby nations like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. But at each nation’s border gate, a new vehicle might be needed.

Laos car rental without driver

To hire an autonomous vehicle without a driver in Laos, tourists must have a valid local driver’s license. If you require assistance, we will assess your situation and provide it.

We have a vehicle for a protracted rental period without a driver. It is possible to use the customer’s own driver under this type of rental agreement.

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