Cambodia car rental with driver

If you are planning a Cambodia trip, you must wondering about the transportation methods there. In Cambodia, you can find many ways to travel from one place to another. However, there are two of the most convenient ways to travel in Cambodia that we want to recommend to you: flying and private cars. Flying in Cambodia is an affordable and popular option, while private cars are chosen because of the comfort and convenience they provide. Cambodia car rental with driver services will be the best choice for you if you enjoy adventure and want to be independent during the trip.

Notable things about Cambodia car rental 

Documents Required

Before renting a car, you would need to present a number of documents. The next step is to prove that you have a valid passport and license. Additionally, you would have to present a valid form of payment for the vehicle, such as a credit card. When you apply to rent a car, you will need to complete a number of forms. The process will involve completing insurance forms and signing a tenancy lease. Keep in mind that you must maintain a copy of these documents. When you need to prove that you are authorized to operate the vehicle on your own, these could be crucial later.

Vehicle Types

You want to be sure that the car model you select is the ideal fit. The type of environment you intend to travel in will also influence the car model you select. For instance, if you plan to stay in the city, you might be better off driving a smaller vehicle. In contrast, if you want to travel off-road, it might be more cool for you to choose an SUV. It will be more stable for you. To guarantee you have the kind of car you want, you will need to make sure you book early.

Age Requirements

Most car rental agencies require a driver to be at least 21 years old. Due to the high frequency of accidents brought on by teenage drivers, regulated car rental companies are typically reluctant to encourage drivers under the age of 21 to rent a car.

Car Insurance Policy

These specific considerations might not cross your mind before renting a car, but they are crucial! 

If you frequently rent cars, you may be able to relate to all of these tips, but it might be difficult for those who are just starting out.

Before renting a car to drive in Cambodia, you must meet certain requirements to demonstrate that you are a responsible driver. You must also take certain factors into account if you want to get the best deal.

  • Make sure you choose a vehicle that can accommodate all of your traveling companions and your luggage when you decide to drive around the country.
  • Even though everyone has Google Maps these days, make sure your car has a dependable GPS tracker. It will be helpful as soon as you start trying to find your hotel in Cambodia!
  • Make sure you have everything you require from your rental company in order to travel abroad.
  • Examine the vehicle from the inside out and take pictures of any potential damage. It’s simple to do this, so you should make it a habit wherever you go. After all, you are not responsible for paying insurance costs for wounds or scratches you didn’t cause yourself.
  • Contact the rental company for a phone number to call if you encounter any vehicle or transportation issues.
  • Verify that the car’s paperwork is in order.
  • To return the car, inquire as to whether it will be dropped off there or simply left in one of their structures.

Cambodia Car Rental with driver service offered by IDC

For travel or business needs in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap – Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, and all other Cambodian cities, we provide Cambodia car rental with driver services. We offer a variety of private vehicles for small, large, and family groups to rent.

Travelling around Cambodia by car

Travelling around Cambodia by car

Car rental with driver in Cambodia

Some basic route prices ($US/ Car)

Location Description 4 Seat 15 Seats 25 Seats 35 Seats 45 Seats
Siem Reap Airport transfer 21 25 39 45 52
Siem Reap Full Day Tour 45 52 71 84 105
Siem Reap Extra charge for Sunrise 25 25 25 31 39
Siem Reap Extra charge to Kbal Spean and Banteay Srei 34 34 45 45 45
Siem Reap Extra charge to Banteay Srei 25 25 31 31 39
Siem Reap Extra charge to Phnom Kulen 65 65 78 84 91
Siem Reap Extra charge to Beng Mealea & Koh Ker 91 91 210 237 276
Siem Reap Extra charge to Beng Mealea 65 65 144 171 223
Siem Reap Extra charge to Beng Mealea & Kampong Khleang 65 65 150 177 229
Siem Reap Extra charge to Prek Toal 31 39 58 71 84
Siem Reap Extra charge to Kampong Pluk 25 25 31 39 45
Siem Reap Extra charge to Kampong Kleang 39 39 45 45 52
Siem Reap Extra charge to Mechrey 25 25 31 39 45
Siem Reap Siem Reap to Phnom Penh or VV (314Km) 184 203 322 401 480
Phnom Penh Phnom Penh – Sihaknouk Ville or VV (240Km) 157 171 375 454 533
Phnom Penh Airport – hotel or VV (Around 30 Km) 25 31 52 58 71
Phnom Penh Full Day City Tour 45 58 78 91 144
Phnom Penh Full Day Tour at Koh Dach 58 71 97 111 163
Phnom Penh Takmao Tour 65 78 105 118 171
Phnom Penh Udong Mountain Full Day Tour 71 78 111 124 177
Phnom Penh Tonle Bati & Phnom Chiso Full Day Tour 78 84 118 131 184
Phnom Penh Extra charge to Choeung Ek – Killing Field 18 18 25 31 39
Sihaknouk Ville Airport/ wharf transfers 39 39 78 91 97

Prices above are in US dollars per car.

Include: Vehicle, driver, fuel, gas, tolls, food, and lodging for the driver…

Exclude: Guest costs, lodging costs, and admission charges.

The prices listed above apply to the majority of the busiest routes between major cities and nearby tourist attractions. Check with us for car rental prices for any routes that match your travel plans.

Our prices above are for the most popular routes from major cities to nearby tourist attractions. Check with us for car rental prices for all routes according to your travel plan.

Contact us for pricing and availability information .

Our vehicles are from common brands such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford… to the highest VIP luxury cars BMW, Mercedes, Porch, Land Rover… Mercedes, BMW. Our cars in Cambodia used almost no more than 3 years, all functions (air conditioning, seat belt) work well and they are always kept in good condition.

Our drivers are professional and know how to adapt to any unforeseen situation. At the same time very careful, very sociable and competent, our drivers are always at your disposal wherever you are. One thing is certain is that you will not be disappointed by our drivers who can also help you prevent the slightest annoyance. We select our staff very carefully, all our drivers are trained to know how to put themselves fully at your service.

Our travel consultants are always available to support you during your car rental journey; travelers can use our mobile phone to contact our tour operator at any time during the trip.

Cambodia car rental

Cambodia car rental

Car Rental Service for Golfer: As a result of our experience as a professional Cambodia golf tour operator, we have appropriate cars for golfers who play in Cambodia. Golf equipment and passengers can both fit in the vehicles.

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