Thailand car rental with driver

Choosing Thailand car rental with a driver allows you to plan your trip through the country however you want. You’ll have the chance to take a last-minute beach vacation, explore side roads you might not otherwise notice, stop for vacation photos, and choose when you need a break. Despite of those benefits, driving a car in Thailand might be difficult for those who are not used to operating an automatic transmission or used to driving on the left side of the road. Additionally, you’ll need to act quickly in response to unforeseen circumstances like cars driving in the opposite direction of traffic or dogs darting across the road. 

Thailand car rental with driver : Do and Don’t checklist to be safe!

Do and Dont checklist when renting a car in Thailand

Thailand Car Rental notable checklist

DO organize your insurance documents

If you’re unlucky and have a road accident, you might need hospital treatment. Your GHIC or EHIC card wouldn’t cover you in this situation. Calling your travel insurance provider for suggestions might be worthwhile. You should be covered for unexpected medical costs and other emergencies by a reliable single- or multi-trip policy. Try to make sure you have their contact information down on paper.

DO take care when renting a car

Take plenty of pictures of the exterior of the vehicle so you have a record of the bodywork. Keep your driver’s license and your lease handy when you’re out and about. It’s a little unpredictable whether local Thai police will be rigid or lenient. Avoid giving them any justification to fine you. If you are really worried about the law and the police, choose our service of Thailand car rental with driver.

DO buckle up in your car

If you don’t use a seatbelt, you risk receiving a fine. Backseat passengers must now buckle up as well, starting in April 2017. All taxis, buses, and minivans fall under this category.

DO check your mirrors and blind spots

Be aware that some local drivers may drive right past you without giving you much thought or a hint as to what they are doing. But instead of attempting to emulate their driving style, be cautious. Keep checking those mirrors and always give an indication before pulling away. 

DON’T rush into anything

Even though they drive on the left, many Thais also yield on the left. Or, the vehicle moving at the time with the slowest speed yields. Thus, it could be somewhat unpredictable. Watch out for intersections as well. Most vehicles turning right may simply scurry in that direction! 

Don’t use mobile devices

In Thailand (and elsewhere), using a non-hands-free phone is illegal. If you get a ticket for this behavior, you may have your license confiscated. That means a visit to the police station to pay the fine and retrieve your license.

Thailand Car rental services with driver 

In order to utilize all the advantages and limit the risks, we highly recommend you choose IDC Car Rental Service with our well-trained driver. Let us know the number of passengers, the destinations you want to visit, and the amount of time you have available if you need an airport pickup or drop-off, a quick transfer, or an extended stay in the country. We’ll recommend an appropriate vehicle type, an itinerary, and a price based on those details.

Travelers will find Thailand to be a paradise, and there are many different types of vehicles available.

Bangkok- Thailand

Bangkok- Thailand

Thailand Car rental with driver :

It’s a wise decision to rent a car and tour Thailand on your own. Our cars come from well-known manufacturers like Toyota, Hyundai, the high-end BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Almost all vehicles are less than five years old, have well-functioning air conditioners and seat belts, and are well-maintained.

Our drivers are knowledgeable and have friendly dispositions. In addition to providing transportation, they can assist you with any needs you may have. With one of our vehicles, you’ll always feel secure and at ease.

We have family-friendly cars that can accommodate a baby seat, as well as careful and patient drivers.

Typically, we provide Thailand car rental with driver rates based on the tourist’s itinerary, including the destinations to see and the amount of time spent driving. We can also provide “day by day” quotations if you are unsure of where to go or would prefer a completely “free” vacation. Upon request, our salespeople can assist with researching hotels, restaurants, and other pertinent information.

We highly advise hiring a tour guide for your trip; he or she will help make your trip more interesting


  • Airport transfer
  • Private Golfer Shuttle service during Thailand golf tour
  • One-Day City Tour of Bangkok
  • 3 or 4 days from Bangkok to Pattaya
  • In 1 or 2 days, Chiang Mai or Chieng Rai
  • In 5–7 days, visit Chiang Mai and Chieng Rai.
  • In 9 to 15 days, explore Thailand.

Prices for Thailand car rental with driver :

Price per car or van in US dollars.

Our prices cover the cost of the vehicle, the driver, gas, tolls, food, and lodging for the driver…

The costs listed above are for the busiest routes connecting major cities with nearby tourist attractions. For information on Thailand car rental with driver rates for any routes in your travel itinerary, contact us.

Route 1- 2 persons Up to 6 persons
Bangkok – Airport/ or vice versa 45 55
Bangkok – Pattaya/ or vice versa 85 105
Pattaya – Airport/ or vice versa 85 105
Bangkok – Ayutthaya/ or vice versa 85 115
Bangkok – Cha-am/ or vice versa 115 145
Bangkok – Hua-Hin/ or vice versa 115 145
Bangkok – Pranburi/ or vice versa 130 160
Bangkok – Aranyaprathet Border/ or vice versa 145 175
Bangkok – Koh Chang (Mainland) 161 190
Bangkok – Erawan Waterfall 130 155
Bangkok 4 hours 85 95
Bangkok 6 hours 100 120
Bangkok 8 hours 120 130
Bangkok 10 hours 130 145
Bangkok 12 hours 145 160
Extra hour 19 21

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