Marvelous 15 Days in Vietnam and Thailand – Suggested Itineraries & Estimated Budget

Vietnam and Thailand are considered the two gems of Southeast Asia. With several years of culture and history as well as the spectacular local cuisine, you will surely fall in love when exploring the two countries. With 15 days in Vietnam and Thailand, why don’t you consult this article for detailed guidance? You will find all the information you need to plan a journey to these beautiful countries.

Is 15 Days Enough for Vietnam – Thailand Trip?

A 15-day duration might initially seem limited when considering the rich tapestry of experiences that Vietnam and Thailand offer. However, with meticulous planning, this time frame can indeed allow travelers to embrace the essential charms of both countries. In Vietnam, you can gracefully navigate through Hanoi’s historic alleys and bustling markets and bask in the tranquil waters of Ha Long Bay. You can also delve into the modern yet historic milieu of Ho Chi Minh City, stroll along the pristine beaches of Da Nang, meander through Hoi An’s lantern-lit streets, and experience the vibrant life along the Mekong Delta.

Upon transitioning to Thailand, the majestic allure of Bangkok’s royal edifices, Chiang Mai’s revered temples, and the untouched beauty of Phuket’s shores can be experienced. While each nation warrants a more prolonged exploration, a 15-day journey provides a harmonious blend of culture, history, and scenic beauty. It’s a preliminary glimpse that might very well inspire a deeper, more extended exploration in subsequent visits.

Travel Highlights in Vietnam and Thailand

Vietnam and Thailand are like pages of a history book that come to life. During your trip to Vietnam and Thailand in 15 days, as you wander through their streets, you’re stepping into stories that span centuries. Majestic temples and age-old relics are testimonies to the rich past while bustling markets and vibrant streets echo the present-day life of these countries. It’s a blend that seamlessly fuses the ancient with the modern.

The culinary journey in these nations is equally captivating. From mouthwatering street foods to fine dining experiences, every meal feels like a celebration. Beyond the plates of delicious eats, the natural beauty and iconic attractions promise a visual treat.

Suggested Itineraries for 15 Days in Vietnam and Thailand

Itinerary 1: Best for Nature Lovers

vietnam and thailand 15 days itinerary for nature lovers

Day 1 – Arrival in Bangkok: Arrive in Bangkok.

Day 2 – Bangkok City Highlights: Bangkok City Tour: You will get to visit Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Monk’s Bowl Village, Jim Thompson House Museum, and stop by modern shopping malls.

Day 3 – Flight to Chiang Mai: Kayak through Bangkok and enjoy the beautiful sites along the river bank. You will fly to Chiang Mai in the afternoon.

Day 4 – Chiang Mai Trek & Cultural Exploration: You will spend the day exploring Chiang Mai by trekking along the Monk’s Trail on Doi Suthep Mountain. Along the way, you will stop by Wat Pha Lat and Wat Phra That. In the afternoon, you can explore the White Hmong village to understand the ethnic culture

Day 5 – Sri Lanna National Park Adventure: A day to immerse yourself in the Sri Lanna National Park. You can take part in cycling to Ma Ngat Lake Reservoir and kayaking in the scenic dam.

Day 6 – Mae Kampong Village: You will visit Mae Kampong Village in Chiang Mai, explore the local market, savor tea and coffee, and immerse yourself in the beautiful forest and waterfall.

Day 7 – Head to Vietnam: Fly to Vietnam and stop at Phong Nha – the first destination in Vietnam.

Day 8 – Tu Lan Cave Trekking: You will spend the day trekking to the Tu Lan cave complex. Along the way, you will pass by Tan Hoa village, Rao Nan River, Hung Ton Valley, Hung Ton Cave, Mango Mountain, Tu Lan Campsite, and Ken Cave.

Day 9 – Exploring Tu Lan Cave: Tu Lan Tu Lan Cave: enjoy swimming, trekking, and exploring caves. Then you will return to your accommodation in Phong Nha for relaxation.

Day 10 – Hanoi & Pu Luong Nature Reserve: Fly to Hanoi and transfer to Pu Luong Nature Reserve, your next stop in Vietnam.

Day 11 – Trekking in Pu Luong:  You will trek through Kho Muong Village, interact with the locals, and explore the ancient Bat Cave before hiking to Uoi Village.

Day 12 – Return to Hanoi & Free Time: Move to Hanoi from Pu Luong. You can choose to have a Hanoi food tour or explore the city your way.

Day 13 – Hanoi City Tour: Hanoi City Tour: You will stop by Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Day 14 – Ha Long Cruise: You will get on a cruise on Ha Long Bay, and enjoy beach activities and the cooking class on deck.

Day 15 – Morning on Cruise & Hanoi Departure: Spend the morning on the cruise, you will depart from Hanoi in the afternoon.

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Itinerary 2: A Foodie Journey through Vietnam and Thailand

Foodie Adventure in Thailand and Vietnam in 15 Days

Day 1 – Bangkok Arrival: Arrive in Bangkok.

Day 2 – Bangkok City Tour: You will get to visit Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, and Wat Phra Kaew. In the evening, you will indulge in a special Thai dinner on a cruise on the Chao Phraya River.

Day 3 – Free day in Bangkok: Free time in the morning and discover Bangkok Street Food like papaya salad, grilled meat, or crispy fried insects. You can visit Wat Pho under the cover of darkness.

Day 4 – Chiang Mai Journey: From Bangkok, you will fly to Chiang Mai – your second destination in Thailand.

Day 5 – Cooking Class in Chiang Mai: You will join a cooking class at Chiang Mai Thai Cooking School in Doi Saket. Here, you will learn how to prepare traditional dishes with the guidance of experienced instructors.

Day 6 – San Kamphaeng Crafts & Flight to Hanoi: In the morning, you will visit San Kamphaeng, where traditional crafts and artisanal products thrive. In the afternoon, you will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Day 7 – Hanoi Free Discovery: You can freely explore Hanoi city in your way. Then in the afternoon, you will get to watch a traditional water puppet show at Thang Long Theater.

Day 8 – Hanoi’s Culinary Delights: You will have a chance to savor the delicious food of Hanoi, such as Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef noodles), Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls), Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette), and Ca Phe Trung (egg coffee).

Day 9 – Arrival in Hoi An Ancient Town: Travel to Hoi An Ancient Town after the Hanoi – Da Nang flight. You will have your free time to settle into your accommodation and relax.

Day 10 – Hoi An Eco-Tour Adventure: You will join an Eco-tour in Hoi An, where you can cycle around the town and flow along the river on the bamboo-crafted boat.

Day 11 – Tra Que Herbal Village & Japanese Tomb Visit: On this day of your 15 days in Vietnam and Thailand. You will visit Tra Que Herbal Village and participate in various gardening activities. You will be able to savor the local specialties of the central region in your lunch. After that, you will visit the Japanese tomb on the way heading back to Hoi An.

Day 12 – Head to Ho Chi Minh City: Fly to Ho Chi Minh City and have a free day here.

Day 13 – Motorbike Food Tour in Saigon: Saigon Food Tour in the evening: You will go and discover the culinary culture of Ho Chi Minh City by the local vehicle: a motorbike. On this tour, you will visit neighborhood stalls where you can taste genuine Vietnamese noodles, scrumptious pancakes, and more delectable treats.

Day 14 – Mekong Delta Exploration: You will embark on a Mekong Delta exploration. You will get to visit Cai Be Floating Market and Tan Phong Island and experience making local delicacies as well as listening to traditional folk songs – Tai Tu Music.

Day 15 – Farewell Vietnam & Thailand: Depart from Vietnam, end of the trip to Vietnam and Thailand in 15 days.

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Itinerary 3: Heritages Adventure via 3 Countries

Following this itinerary, you will get to discover the classical beauty of 3 magnificent countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

vietnam and thailand in 15 days itinerary crossing Laos

Day 1 – Bangkok Arrival: Arrive in Bangkok and enjoy your free time to explore the city.

Day 2 – Bangkok’s Iconic Landmarks: Dive into Bangkok’s highlights. Visit iconic places like the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Reclining Buddha, and Wat Arun. You can also experience Thai massage and boat trips on the Chao Phraya River.

Day 3 – Ayutthaya’s Ancient Wonders: You will discover Ayutthaya – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and explore its ancient ruins.

Day 4 – Chiang Mai Arrival & Doi Suthep Visit: Fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. You will visit local villages and the stunning mountain temple of Doi Suthep.

Day 5 – Northern Thailand’s Hill Tribes & River Cruise: Explore Northern Thailand’s hill tribes. Begin with a trip to Thaton and visit a Hmong village. Cruise down Mae Kok River and later meet the unique hill tribes. Admire the breathtaking views from Wat Thaton’s hillside temple and return to Chiang Mai for the night.

Day 6 – Journey to Luang Prabang: On this day, you will depart Chiang Mai for Luang Prabang, Laos.

Day 7 – Luang Prabang’s Spiritual Essence: You will get to immerse in Luang Prabang’s spiritual culture, witness monks collecting alms in the morning, and visit ancient temples, the National Museum, and the Ock Pop Tock weaving center, where you learn about Laotian textiles.

Day 8 – Kuang Si Waterfall & Baci Ceremony: Experience nature’s beauty at Kuang Si waterfall. Visit this spectacular waterfall, lunch at Khmu village, and later partake in a traditional Baci Ceremony.

Day 9 – Hanoi Arrival: After breakfast, you will fly to Hanoi, the first destination in Vietnam. You will embark on a short city tour of the Old Quarter in the afternoon.

Day 10 – Hanoi’s Historical Highlights: You will get to discover Hanoi’s rich history by stopping by famous city attractions, including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Temple of Literature, and the History Museum of Vietnam or Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts.

Day 11 – Ha Long Bay Luxury Cruise Adventure: Transfer to Ha Long City, then embark on a luxury cruise exploring the picturesque limestone islands.

Day 12 – Sunrise in Ha Long & Flight to Da Nang: Wake up early for a sunrise view and enjoy more cruise activities before taking your flight to Da Nang City.

Day 13 – Ba Na Hills Exploration: You will marvel at Ba Na Hills and explore various attractions as well as indulge in games at Fantasy Park.

Day 14 – Hoi An Heritage Walking Tour: Transfer to Hoi An and discover its rich heritage with a walking tour, visiting historic landmarks like the Japanese Covered Bridges and Chua Ong Pagoda.

Day 15 – Departure Day: Depart from Hoi An and Da Nang.

>>> Here is the detailed itinerary in case you want to consult.

Estimated Budget for the Best Trip

Essential Fees

  • International Flights: Costs can fluctuate significantly based on the season and flying time. However, normally, it might cost from $100 to $200 for a one-way ticket from Thailand to Vietnam or vice versa.
  • Domestic Flights: Traveling between cities in Vietnam and Thailand usually isn’t too heavy on the pocket. A one-way ticket between two cities might take you about $40 to $100.
  • Accommodation:
    • Low-cost accommodation: For the budget-conscious traveler, both Vietnam and Thailand offer an array of low-cost accommodations. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15 per night for a basic room, often with shared bathrooms.
    • Mid-range accommodation: If you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable but still reasonably priced, mid-range hotels and boutique accommodations might be the choice for you. Mid-range accommodations in Vietnam and Thailand can range from $20 to $60 per night, depending on the location and the amenities offered.
    • Luxurious hotels: For those wishing to splurge or celebrate a special occasion, both countries have a plethora of luxury options. In bigger cities like Bangkok or Hanoi, luxury hotels might start at around $100 per night, but in more touristy areas or beach resorts, prices can climb to $300 or more per night.
  • Food: An average meal in Thailand or Vietnam can be as affordable as $3 in local eateries or up to $50 in high-end restaurants. If you’re eating three meals a day, budget $15 to $150 daily, which totals $225 to $2,250 for 15 days.
  • Transportation: Apart from flights, moving around in tuk-tuks, taxis, or renting scooters could cost you around $10 to $30 a day.
A Tuk-tuk in Bangkok

Tuk-tuk, a type of vehicle that is both cheap and convenient for pạcers

Entrance Fees & Others

  • Entrance Fees at Sightseeing Attractions: Many attraction sites are open and free for tourists. If one requires an entrance ticket, the fee is pretty cheap, usually $1 – $5. Some bigger sites might sell entrance tickets at higher prices, ranging from $10 up to $20.
  • Shopping: Souvenirs, local handicrafts, and other shopping adventures can vary drastically based on personal preferences. As a ballpark figure, you should allocate $500 to $1000 for your comfortable shopping experience in Vietnam and Thailand in 15 days.
  • Spa: A traditional Thai massage or a spa day in Vietnam could range from $10 to $100. If you plan to indulge a few times on your trip, budget around $30 to $300 for spa expenses.

Useful Tips for an Ultimate Journey in Vietnam and Thailand

  • Dress Appropriately: Both Vietnam and Thailand are rich in culture, they have several spiritual sites like temples and pagodas. Therefore, you should prepare some long pants or long-sleeve shirts to wear when visiting these sites.
  • Bargain but Be Polite: Haggling is a part of the shopping culture, especially in local markets. Start by offering half or two-thirds of the initial price, but always do so with a smile and remain courteous.
  • Savor the Street Food: The culinary scenes in Vietnam and Thailand are legendary. Don’t shy away from the street vendors; often, they serve the most authentic and delectable dishes. Just ensure the food is freshly cooked in front of you, and you’ll be fine.
  • Learn Some Local Phrases: While many people in Thailand and Vietnam speak English, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with some basic phrases in Vietnamese and Thai before embarking on your trip.

We hope all the abovementioned information will help you in planning your journey to Vietnam and Thailand in 15 days. Don’t hesitate no more but prepare for your trip now! If you need any assistance to create your trip, feel free to contact us for a tailored itinerary that suits your taste. We greatly appreciate your time spent reading this!

November to April is generally a good time when both countries have pleasant weather, avoiding heavy monsoons.

It depends on your nationality. Many countries get a visa exemption or an E-visa for short stays, but always check the latest visa requirements before traveling.

If you hail from one of the 13 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Spain, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, and Finland, you’re in luck because Vietnam offers you a visa exemption for up to 45 days. This means for a 12-day journey across Vietnam and Thailand, you won’t need a Vietnam visa. For travelers from other countries, consider obtaining the Vietnam E-visa, granting you a 90-day stay with multiple entries.

Thailand’s visa policy permits tourists from over 50 countries, including Australia, France, and the US, to enter visa-free. Travelers must present a passport with at least six months validity, and the duration of their stay, based on nationality, varies between 14 to 90 days.

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