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The “IDC Travel” brand has three main websites, each catering to a different clientele:

  • provides comprehensive travel, attraction and tour information in English, as well as hotels, flights, photos and useful and up-to-date information for anyone interested in traveling to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, China and surrounding areas.
  • is our French language travel website with high quality.
  • supplies golf travel services in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asia countries.

Our logo is inspired by the rice terraces, the symbol of the northwestern mountains of Vietnam.

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Our Slogan

“Discover Indochina your way!”

IDC Travel – Vietnam & Southeast Asia DMC specializes in ‘discovery’: finding out new and exciting things about Indochina in your way  and customizing tours to suit you. 

For many of our clients, a visit to Indochina is a highly anticipated once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we are passionate about creating as wide access as possible to the region’s unique and fascinating cultures during their limited time here. We think a trip to Vietnam would be sorely lacking without a great element of discovery. For almost all of our clients, Vietnam is an exotic foreign land far away from home, with limitless opportunities to discover wonderful new things, gain interesting knowledge and expand their horizons.

As a Vietnam-based company with a large team of experienced and well-trained travel advisors, IDC Travel has the expertise and relationships with local suppliers to organize an Indochina tour exactly as you want. Our tours are often individually tailored to meet the needs and interests of our customers and thousands of satisfied customers will vouch for our ability to do things ‘their way’.

In IDC travel website, visitors can easily see our Indochina tours offering many things to discover that are not available from standard package tour operators. We offer a wide range of themed tours to suit special interests, as well as one of the widest variety of Indochina destinations and attractions listed on the internet, all of which can be easily included in your tour. We are particularly proud to be able to introduce our customers to genuine regional cuisine in restaurants chosen for their quality and authenticity, and not only in establishments ideally located on tourist routes.

If you don’t find suitable available tours in IDC travel website, there is so much about an Indochina tour that can be tailored to your specific needs, interests and desires to increase your enjoyment of the tour, which we can arrange at your request. Just tell us what attractions you would like to see and for how long, what type of souvenirs you would like to buy, how much free time you would like and what type of additional activities you would like to do, such as learning Tai Chi or visiting a local family, and we will do our best to organize them for you. Let us know what types of food you want to try and your favorite hotel locations, room sizes and facilities; the type of transport and the pace of the trip and we will welcome you. Our tour guides are trained to respond immediately to our clients’ requirements throughout their visit, and we are available 24 hours a day to handle any changes required and resolve any issues.

The exclamation mark at the end of our tagline underscores our unique customer focus and commitment to providing the best service and value to ensure that your trip to exotic Indochina is highly enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free, and exceeds your expectations in matter of pleasure and discovery.

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Our travel consultants are expert travel planners, get in touch today and see how we can help you with your holidays to Vietnam and nearby Southeast Asia countries.

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