11 Days in Cambodia: Best Itineraries & Useful Travel Tips

Are you looking for an incredible itinerary for 11 days in Cambodia? We are here to guide you through a carefully designed itinerary that will maximize your time and enrich your experience. Whether you are fascinated by the ancient temples of Angkor, eager to immerse yourself in the bustling city life of Phnom Penh, or drawn to the serenity of rural landscapes, this article will be your ideal companion. In addition, we will share some practical advice and tips to make your trip to Cambodia as smooth and enriching as possible. Prepare to embark on an 11-day adventure that will leave you with indelible memories and a deeper understanding of this Southeast Asian gem.

Why Visit Cambodia in 11 Days?

11 days in Cambodia is an ideal duration to explore this country in depth. With a smart plan, each day of your journey promises discoveries and adventures, revealing the multiple facets of a destination that charms its history, culture, and natural beauty. This duration is ideal for fully immersing yourself in the very essence of Cambodia and enjoying a travel experience that is both memorable and enriching. To further explore the wonders of Cambodia, feel free to visit our best Cambodia tours for 2024/2025.

  • Historical and cultural in-depth: With 11 days at your disposal, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Cambodia. You can admire the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Angkor and explore the museums and memorials of Phnom Penh, enriching your understanding of Cambodian culture day by day.
  • Harmony between relaxation and adventure: 11 days in Cambodia offers a perfect balance to combine discovery and relaxation. After exploring historical sites, you can relax on the magnificent beaches of Sihanoukville or Koh Rong, allowing for a pleasant and diverse pace of travel.
  • Dive into local cuisine: Cambodian food, which is rich and diverse in flavors, deserves in-depth exploration. During these 11 days, you can savor a wide range of local specialties, from street noodles to elaborate curries, and even take part in traditional cooking classes.
  • Authentic encounters: Travelling slowly allows you to connect with locals, discover their stories, and understand their daily lives, through shared meals, visits to traditional villages, or community activities.
  • Discovery of Cambodian nature: Cambodia is rich in natural beauty, from the mountains of Ratanakiri to the clear water of Tonle Sap Lake. With 11 days in Cambodia, you can marvel at these landscapes, whether by hiking, kayaking or simply admiring them.
  • Off-the-beaten-path exploration: With more time,  you can discover lesser-known places, visit secret temples, browse local markets, and venture into less touristy areas for a truly authentic experience.

In conclusion, traveling in Cambodia in 11 days offers a unique opportunity to experience a rich and comprehensive adventure, an immersion into a world of stories, cultures, and flavors. It is an invitation to discover the hidden treasure of Southeast Asia, an experience that promises to be both fascinating and informative.

Cambodia Weather & Best Time to Visit

Cambodia enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year, generally fluctuating between 30 and 35 degrees Celcius. The heat is more intense in the central region than in the forested mountainous areas or the Southern coast.

Cambodia weather

Cambodia weather

The country also has two distinct seasons: the dry season (from November to April) and the rainy season (from May to October). During the monsoon season, the humidity is high, with intense but often short showers, occurring mainly in the late afternoon. Despite this, the days remain mostly sunny. This period sees a significant increase in the water level of the Tonle Sap Lake and the surrounding rivers, providing ideal conditions for river walks. The cruise linking Battambang and Siem Reap is notably only possible in this season, thanks to the sufficient water level.

During the dry season, temperatures are milder, varying between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius. In the mountainous regions of the east and the west, nights can be cooler. From March, temperatures begin to rise, reaching the peak in April and May, with an average between 30 and 38°C. It is important to note that even during the dry season, there is a risk of flooding from mid-October to early November, due to flash floods.

The period from November to March is ideal to visit Cambodia, enjoying a pleasant climate, clear skies, and little rainfall. However, this season also attracts a large number of tourists, especially in key places like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, etc.

The rainy season, on the other hand, offers a quieter experience with fewer visitors, allowing you to enjoy the sites in complete peace of mind. The landscapes become lush and green, providing an ideal setting for navigating the waterways and admiring the impressive waterfalls. It is therefore a privileged period for those who wish to discover Cambodia in all its natural splendor.

Ideal Itineraries for 11 Days in Cambodia

Exploring Cambodia in 11 days offers you a unique opportunity to discover the cultural, historical, and natural richness of this fascinating country. From the mystery of Angkor’s temples to the tranquil charm of its idyllic beaches, the excitement of its bustling cities, and the serenity of its rural landscapes, this guide presents the best itineraries for an unforgettable Cambodian experience in 11 days. Prepare for a trip that combines adventure, relaxation, and cultural discovery.

Itinerary 1: Panorama of Cambodia in 11 Days

Panorama of Cambodia in 11 Days

Panorama of Cambodia in 11 Days

Day 1 – Arrive in Phnom Penh.

Day 2 – Phnom Penh – transfer to Kampong Cham: Discover the Khmer temples of Phnom Bros, Phnom Srei, and Nokor Wat along the way.

Day 3 – Kampong Cham – Kampong Thom: Vsit Wat Kohar Nokor, Phum Prasat, and Sambor Prei Kuk.

Day 4 – Kampong Thom – Siem Reap: Visit traditional Cambodian villages en route and make a stop at Naga Bridge. Explore the Roluos Group, including Preah Ko, Bakong Mountain Temple, and Lolei Temple.

Day 5 – Siem Reap – Angkor Thom – Angkor Wat: Start at the South Gate, you will visit the Bayon Temple, the Royal Palace, and the Elephant Terraces. Next, visit Angkor Wat – a huge temple complex dedicated to Vishnu.

Day 6 – Siem Reap – Preah Khan – Ta Keo – Banteay Kdei: Explore Preah Khan, Neak Pean, and Ta Som, all built by Jayavarman VII. In the afternoon, visit Thommanon, Chau Say Tevoda, Ta Keo, Srah Srang, Banteay Kdei, and Ta Prohm.

Day 7 – Siem Reap – Banteay Srei: Visit Kbal Spean, the “River of 1,000 Lingas” and the temple of Banteay Srei, known as the “Citadel of Women,” and the beautifully restored Bantey Samre.

Day 8 – Siem Reap – Battambang: Depart for Tonle Sap Lake and the fishing village of Chong Kneas. Board a traditional boat for an excursion to Battambang. Cross Tonle Sap Lake, go up the Sangker River, and discover the Prek Toal Biosphere.

Day 9 – Battambang city tour: Visit the Angkor temple of Phnom Banon. Then, return to Battambang to discover the Provincial Museum. Hike along the Sangker River to visit Vat Sla Ket and Wat Ek Phnom Temple.

Day 10 – Battambang – Phnom Penh: Head to Kompong Chhnang. Take a cruise to the floating village of Kompong Luong and visit the pottery villages in Kompong Chhnang. Continue to Phnom Penh, stopping at the abandoned royal city of Oudong to visit the temples and stupas on the hills.

Day 11 – Depart Phnom Penh. 

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Itinerary 2: Family Tour to Cambodia in 11 Days

Family Tour to Cambodia in 11 Days

Family Tour to Cambodia in 11 Days

Day 1 – Arrive in Siem Reap.

Day 2 – Explore the Angkor Complex: Visit Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and the surrounding temples of Baphou, Elephant Terraces, the Leper King Terrace, and Preah Khan Temple.

Day 3 – Experience horseback riding and watch a circus show: Visit and ride a horse at the Happy Ranch Horse Farm and watch a circus show by the Phare Circus.

Day 4 – Siem Reap city tour: Visit the Banteay Srei Temple, Phnom Kulen, and Banteay Butterfly Center.

Day 5 – Boat trip to Tonle Sap Lake – Fly to Phnom Penh: Take a morning cruise to Tonle Sap Lake and explore the floating fishing villages of Chong Kneas by kayak. In the afternoon, take a flight to Phnom Penh.

Day 6 – Phnom Penh City Tour: Visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum where you can learn about the dark history of the Khmer Rouge. Explore the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Silver Pagoda.

Day 7 – Discover the largest zoo in Cambodia – Transfer to Kep: Visit the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center which is home to many rare and endangered species.

Day 8 – Beach relaxation in Kep. 

Day 9 – Visit Kampot – Transfer to Sihanoukville: Explore the pepper plantations, durian plantations, and rice fields of Kampot. Make a stop at Bokor Hill to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Day 10 – Free day in Sihanoukville. 

Day 11 – Depart Sihanoukville. 

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Itinerary 3: A Glimpse of Thailand and Cambodia in 11 Days

A Glimpse of Thailand and Cambodia in 11 Days

A Glimpse of Thailand and Cambodia in 11 Days

If you think that 11 days in Cambodia is too much, why don’t you extend your trip to another nearby country, Thailand or Vietnam, for a more diverse experience? Check out the following tour program for a better idea.

Day 1 – Arrive in Siem Reap: Check in at the hotel and watch a Circus Show.

Day 2 – Angkor day tour: Start at the South Gate of Angkor Thom to Bayon Temple, Phimeanakas, and stop at the Elephant Terrace to learn about the mysteries of the Terrace of the Leper King. In the afternoon, continue your journey to the Angkor Wat Complex and conclude your day at the famous Ta Prohm Temple.

Day 3 – Angkor day tour: Check out Banteay Samre, Banteay Srei, the historic site of Roluos, Preah Ko, and Bakong.

Day 4 – Explore Tonle Sap Lake & Fly to Bangkok: Witness the unique lifestyle of the local communities who set their homes, schools, markets, etc. on the lake.

Day 5 – Bangkok city tour: Check out Wat Traimit and Wat Pho.

Day 6 – Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: This is one of the most bustling floating markets in Bangkok.

Day 7 – Fly to Phuket & Explore Phuket Old Town: Explore the vibrant night market and Bangla Road for delicious foods and drinks.

Day 8 – Phuket day tour: Discover the beauty of Promthep Cape, Wat Chalong, Luang Pho Cham, and Luang Pho Chuang, and finally stop at Phuket Cashew Nut Factory.

Day 9 – Free day to explore Phuket beach.

Day 10 – Explore Phang Nga Bay: Embark on a luxury private boat to explore Panak Island and Hong Island. The afternoon will be spent at Khao Phing Kan – a very romantic island.

Day 11 – Depart Phuket.

>>> Please check here for the detailed tour program.

What to Bring Back from Cambodia?

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia never ceases to amaze its visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, its ancestral temples, and its welcoming people. But beyond the unforgettable memories and enriching experiences, the question is: what to bring back from Cambodia to a tangible trace of this extraordinary journey?

Krama Scarf

Krama Scarf

Krama Scarf

The Krama scarf is a vibrant symbol of Cambodia, a must-have item in the Cambodian wardrobe. Worn indiscriminately by men, women, and children of all social strata, krama transcends borders, also extending to Khmer communities in Northeast Thailand and Southern Vietnam.

This accessory stands out for its vibrant colors, often in red and white, blue and white, or black and white. It is made of cotton or silk and adapts to various uses: wrapped around the head or draped around the shoulders or waist to protect against wind, rain, or oppressive heat.

Acquiring a krama is a great way to bring back a unique souvenir from Cambodia. Not only is it practical and easy to pack in your luggage but its price is also attractive, usually ranging from $3 to $5. With a little bargaining or buying in quantity, you can even get a better price.

Wooden Sculptures

Wooden sculpture

Wooden sculpture

Wood carving in Cambodia has a rich cultural heritage, dating back centuries. Cambodian artisans, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and sophisticated carving techniques, have left their mark on history through the intricate works and bas-reliefs adorning the walls of Angkor Wat and other temples across the country.

Today, this ancestral art comes to life in the form of replicas available to lovers of Cambodian souvenirs. These reproductions, offered at affordable prices, vary in size and complexity. They embody miniatures of deities, Buddha figures, graceful Apsara women, and various animal representations.

Silk Fabrics

Silk fabrics

Silk fabrics

Since the 13th century, Cambodia has perpetuated the ancient art of weaving, an artisanal know-how that has spanned the ages. Weaving ikat silk, with the use of natural dyes, embodies the finesse and richness of this Cambodian tradition.

“Ikat” refers to a textile design technique where the threads are dyed before weaving, allowing the creation of detailed and sophisticated patterns. This method is illustrated in the patterns adorning the walls of Angkor Wat, where representations of traditional Khmer clothing in ikat bear witness to this practice.

The uniqueness of Cambodian ikat weaving lies in the use of local materials. For example, traditional Khmer ikat is made with golden silk, spun from the fibers of the golden silkworm, and natural pigments extracted from native plants. The silk fabrics produced using this technique are distinguished by their superior quality: softness to the touch, ease of washing, and great resistance to fading. Although handwoven items are often more expensive, they offer priceless uniqueness and artistic value. These fabrics are not only artisanal products but true works of art, testifying to Cambodian cultural heritage and know-how.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry

Silver Jewelry

As early as the 11th century, goldsmithing was already an art mastered by the Cambodians, a tradition that continues through the country’s silver jewelry. These sets, encrusted with local precious stones, are distinguished by their unique Khmer motifs, true reflections of Cambodian cultural wealth.

During your 11 days in Cambodia, you will have the opportunity to discover these silver gems, perfect as souvenirs or personal gifts. The night market of Siem Reap, in particular, is a privileged place for their acquisitions. However, it is essential to know how to differentiate authentic pieces from imitations. To do this, favor recognized brands and certified department stores. Jewelry prices vary depending on their designs and weight, and it is often possible to negotiate.




Cambodia is known for its exquisite jaggery, a sweet delicacy made from the sap of local palm trees. This sap is meticulously transformed into a premium natural sweetener, making jaggery a compact and attractive souvenir of your trip to Cambodia. Unlike refined sugar, jaggery stands out for its unique, deeper, and naturally sweet flavor, as well as its richness in vitamins and minerals.

For food enthusiasts, Cambodian jaggery represents more than a simple sweetener. It can be a key ingredient to enrich the recipe, bringing a note of originality and Cambodian authenticity to their dishes. It can also be a gourmet souvenir and a bridge to the discovery of the traditional flavor of Cambodia.

Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper

Kampot pepper

Kampot pepper, a true emblem of Cambodian agriculture and recognized as one of the best in the world, comes in several varieties such as black, white, red, and green. Red pepper is particularly valued for its distinctive aroma, although each type offers a unique and characteristic flavor. This pepper is distinguished by a more intense and spicy flavor than the common one, making it an ideal gift for food enthusiasts. It is not just a seasoning, but a real taste experience that elevates dishes to another level. Kampot pepper is a culinary treasure to offer to those who appreciate authentic and refined flavors.

Our guide on 11 days in Cambodia aims to provide you with an enriching and memorable travel experience. With practical advice and a well-thought-out itinerary, we hope to make your planning easier. Remember to savor every moment, embrace the unexpected experiences, and fully immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of this extraordinary country. Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made trip to Cambodia in 11 days. Enjoy your trip and may your stay in Cambodia be an adventure filled with discoveries, joy, and unforgettable inspirations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cambodia is generally known for being friendly to foreigners. The locals are often warm and welcoming to visitors, showing hospitality and a willingness to help. This friendly attitude, combined with the country’s rich cultural heritage and history, makes Cambodia a popular destination for travelers from around the world.

Yes, Grab is totally safe in this country.

Walking in Phnom Penh at night is generally considered safe, especially in well-lit and busier areas. However, it’s still advisable to exercise caution, stay aware of your surroundings, and avoid less populated or poorly lit areas. Using common sense and taking basic safety precautions can ensure a pleasant experience when exploring Phnom Penh at night.

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