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Hanoi City Tours

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Ho Chi Minh City Tours
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Hanoi > Cat Ba > Lan Ha Bay > Hanoi 2 days/ 1 night
Hanoi - Duration: 1 Day
Hanoi - Duration: 1 Day
Ho Chi Minh City - Duration: 1 Day
Ho Chi Minh City - Duration: 1 Day

Things to Know Before Booking a City Tour in Vietnam

Essential tips to book Vietnam day trips in Vietnam. Hopefully, these will help you find the most suitable places to visit and things to do.

Halong Bay - Vietnam Day trips

Halong Bay – Vietnam Day trips

How do Vietnam Day Trips by IDC Travel attract you?

Here are the reasons why Vietnam day trips are recommended to visitors, which will bring out the best experience and memories:

A Flexibility

In this century, the term “backpacking” is not strange to travelers any longer. It is an independent and inexpensive mode of transportation. Instead of booking all-inclusive trips where they have already determined where they are going and what activities they will undertake, backpackers frequently merely reserve transportation and a place to stay before traveling. When a traveler arrives at their location, they have the option of exploring on their own or attending day tours to Vietnam with other travelers to increase their enjoyment. These tours will be a highlight of your trip and will take you around the city or to some surrounding locations.

Must-visited destinations will be included in the daily tour

The timing of city tours is very varied and suitable for all demands, no matter if you want to spend 4, 6, or 8 hours, or even 2 or 3 days. They all have offers for you with the best places and the most unique extraordinary. Moreover, the city tour has many fixed departure times every day. You can have more time to arrange your plans and book them whenever you arrive in the city.

The cost is totally affordable!

Vietnam Day Trips with the most highlight destination during a fixed time with full service, only USD 20-USD30 is totally affordable. You don’t need to find the maps, call the taxi, check how to get there, buy the tickets…  That price is even cheap for a lot of people because the trip is worth it. Even tours of USD 10-15 are also available or customized tours up to USD50-100 upon each specific demands of each traveler.

The service is excellent and professional

You will be picked up by new vans equipped with air conditioning and a free bottle of water. Moreover, visiting somewhere with many instructions, and interesting information about the places given by a tour guide will make your trip more meaningful, right?

Visitors can feel safe that they will stay away from the traps when going abroad with our Vietnam Day Trips tour.

The tour programs are exciting

A classic day of Vietnam day trips is recommended when visiting any place, but if you want something different, consider booking a food tour to taste and learn to cook local dishes. You can also go on a cycling tour after feasting your belly on local delicacies. Or how about taking a cruise tour combining sightseeing the islands with swimming in the sunshine,

Here are some recommendations for 1 to 3-day tour to the best famous destinations that you should not miss out on in Vietnam’s daily tours:

Hanoi – the top list to visit on Vietnam Day Trips.

Hanoi Old Quarter

As we know, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which is the center of politics and typical cultures of Vietnam.  Normally, a classic Hanoi City Tour includes iconic landmarks such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Quarter area, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc Pagoda, and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.  Hanoi’s must-see attractions are the Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter. All of these places are included in a Day Tour in Hanoi, which is available for you to depart anytime. You’ll be happy to know that Hanoi cuisine is a blend of French, Chinese; and Vietnamese flavors.

Ho Chi Minh City

The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City from above

If Hanoi is the center of politics, Ho Chi Minh is considered the center of the economy, It is the largest city in Vietnam with a very active life during the whole day. This city never missed out on any Vietnam day trips. Considered ‘the Pearl of the Far East’, this city is noisy and crowded yet sparkling and dynamic. You can see many amazing colonial and religious landmarks in this city on a Ho Chi Minh City Tour, such as the Reunification Palace (or Independence Palace), Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, and War Remnants Museum. Another destination that is also worth visiting is Cu Chi. About 30 kilometers from Saigon, Cu Chi is an interesting place to explore the amazing tunnel system where the Viet Cong hid during the War.

Halong Bay – Must be included in any Vietnam Day Trips

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay has been very popular with foreign tourists because it has impressive landscapes, diverse attractions, and exciting activities. Visitors can take in its famous waters, islands, islets, and beaches for a much-needed adventure. Many travelers feedbacked that if anyone visits Vietnam but they don’t visit Halong Bay, it’s considered that they don’t visit Vietnam yet. Halong Bay is regarded as one of the 7th world heritages by UNESCO, so this place should be on the top list of any visitors to Vietnam. Tours to Halong Bay are also very varied with many different activities like kayak, swimming, relaxing on cruises, etc.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh

In Vietnam, you can find some amazing things to do like exploring unspoiled jungles and discovering our unique stalactites and stalagmites system. There are many exciting options that await you – it will be difficult to decide which one is the best! There are many natural and religious sites in Ninh Binh: Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An Eco-tourism Complex, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Phat Diem Cathedral, Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel, Cuc Phuong Natural Park, Hang Mua (Mua Cave), and Thung Nham Bird Park. When you go on a day tour of Ninh Binh, there are 2 different routes to choose from. Either go via Bac Dinh or the Hoa Lu Route.


Sapa Vietnam

Sapa is a beautiful place with impressive scenery on the top of a mountain. It’s located 333 km to the northwest of Hanoi, Sapa is a town close to China. Sapa is the first option for you if you want to enjoy the diverse mountains and scenery of a Northwestern mountainous region. You may also explore emerald-terraced rice fields, canyons, waterfalls, and ethnic cultures and visit Fansipan Mountain, trek up the mountain, and take some photos while on your way.

Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most rustic towns in Vietnam. This town used to be a major international trading port in the 16th and 17th centuries. Chinese and Japanese merchants who settled down in Hoi An brought cultural influences to this town’s architecture and cuisines. Visiting Hoi An, you can see truly genuine Vietnamese architecture which is harmoniously influenced by French, Japanese, and Chinese architectural styles. Hoi An also hosts a number of exciting cooking and lantern-making classes taught by experienced local artists.

Mekong Delta – Highlight of Vietnam Day Trips

The floating market in Mekong Delta

To complete your Vietnam Day Trips, you can’t miss the Mekong Delta which is very typical in Asia. From the 12 provinces that make up the Mekong Delta, you can find a lot of different places to visit. These unique landscapes and cultural aspects are perfect for travelers coming to explore the region’s beauty. The best way to enjoy this region is by taking a two or three-day Mekong Delta tour. This will allow you to admire the floating markets and understand the locals’ daily lives.

There are many different types of tours available for travelers. You should choose the one that works best for you and schedule it beforehand. If your style is preferring relaxing tours like short walking tours, we also can offer. However, if you’re looking for something really extraordinary and adventurous, get in touch for a motorbike tour but need more than 1 day to travel.

Sightseeing Tour – the basic program for any Vietnam Day trips

Night in Ho Chi Minh city

A sightseeing tour is more popular in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city with the same destinations but at different departure times which is very flexible for travelers to make their plans. Getting on a modern van equipped with an air conditioner and a free bottle of water, along with an energetic tour guide, surely will make your trip meaningful and unforgettable.

Food Tour/ Cooking Class

Vietnam Day Trips not only offers you sightseeing activities but also cultural activities for visitors. The culture of Vietnam must be unique and strange to a lot of travelers who comes from Europe or America, especially the cuisine of Vietnam is one of the most valuable thing for travelers to remember about this country.

Vietnamese food

There are hundreds of dishes with specific sauces that confuse travelers are confused because they don’t know how to taste them correctly to get the best flavor. That’s why you need a tour guide who can take you to tasty spots. You can escape from tourist restaurants and head to some off-the-beaten-track eateries and food stalls to taste the true essence of Vietnam. Looking to take on new cooking skills? Our Cooking Classes can serve as a great place for this. From easy dishes such as salads and spring rolls to more challenging recipes like Pho, our classes give you the freedom to experiment with your cuisine. The chefs will take you to a local wet market to purchase fresh ingredients and explain the market culture in Vietnam before the class.

Cycling Tour

Vietnam cycle tour

Traveling Vietnam and booking a bike tour should be your next activity if you are looking for something unique, interesting, and culturally enriching. You can visit the country’s main attractions, and learn about the daily life of locals while coming in contact with them.. When traveling in the countryside, it is important to know the traffic rules so you can avoid collisions and accidents. With this kind of tour, you might need a group (depending on how big your city is), but make sure to always ask questions; watch out for traffic signs so your tour goes smoothly.

Motorbike Tour – Highlight of Vietnam Day Trips

Motorbike Tour

One of the typical experiences but adventurous when traveling is attending a Motorbike tour. As you know, the shape of Vietnam is S-shaped, which is very easy to drive from the North directly down to the South without missing any attractions. You can’t imagine how fun and unique it is. You will look like a real local, discover all corners of Vietnam, and go anywhere you want. It’s adventurous but also quite risky, so you also need a lot of consideration to do the best and safest for your experience.

Boat Tour

Luxury Cruise in Halong Bay

Vietnam is an excellent place for a cruise trip, with multiple water systems and beautiful landscapes. The Mekong Delta; and Red Rivers are the two longest rivers in Vietnam, and cruises of those rivers offer a scenic landscape to admire during your travels.. When you travel to Northern Vietnam, you should spend some time in Halong Bay. It’s a UNESCO Heritage site. It is recommended to take a Halong Bay day tour, round-trip from Hanoi to enjoy spectacular views of caves, water, and islets, and take part in some activities such as kayaking and swimming.

Trekking Tour

Trekking in the North

Vietnam boasts beautiful countryside that includes lush rainforests, grasslands, plateaus, and rivers. There is never a reason to miss out on hiking through the country’s spectacular terrains! By taking a touring day in the Sapa Valley, Mai Chau, and Ha Giang regions of Vietnam; you can see mesmerizing rice terraces, imposing mountains, and bucolic hill tribes. Besides, you can also learn from local families about how to make delicious cuisines using some of their native ingredients.

Golfing – Luxury Experience for Vietnam Day Trips

Golfing in Vietnam has been developed recently with many world-class golf courses which brings you one of the most unforgettable experiences. You can check more information about the best 15 golf courses in Vietnam here, which helps you find the suitable golf course for your teeing off time.

Explore northern Vietnam by trails in 15 days

Sapa – Vietnam

There are certain factors that you should consider before deciding on a tour program. Here are the details:

Research the weather

Therefore, research the weather before booking any day tour in Vietnam. Read our articles about Vietnam weather for more information.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Vietnam possesses hot and humid weather, thus, light clothing made from cotton or linen is recommended. T-shirts and long pants are suitable for a sightseeing trip. During winters in the north, coats, sweaters, and hoodies are needed. If your trip includes a visit to temples or pagodas, do not wear short pants and sleeveless shirts. Remember to act appropriately when visiting a religious site.

When you choose outdoor activities on daily tours such as trekking or cycling, a good pair of shoes is required. Make sure that you check whether the tour operator prepares you with a good helmet on a motorbike tour.

Bring Your Necessities

Sunscreen is needed for outdoor activities, and make sure you bring it to reapply. There are many mosquitoes in Vietnam’s rural areas and wetland forests, so be careful! Take bug spray or insect repellent with you. If you have children, wet and dry tissues are required.

You will be given a free bottle of water before your trip. If you need extra, do not need to bring more since you can buy water at our supermarkets and convenience stores.

Specify your Special Requirements

Tell the tour operators all your health issues and they can consult appropriate day tours and activities for you, especially when you travel with elders and children. They can also contact the restaurant if they have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Choose a Prestigious Travel Agency

You may hear many tourist scams of untrustworthy travel agencies: hot vans without air conditioning, lousy tour guides taking travelers to shopping places, or the tour including many tourist traps. Do not worry about those issues when booking a daily tour with IDC Travel.

We have carefully sourced our service providers from transportation, accommodations, and restaurants to ensure a hassle-free trip for travelers. All tour prices are affordable without compromising service quality. We understand your concerns and we are confident about our capabilities of tailor-making a Vietnam tour that meets your time, budget, and special requirements.

Vietnam is an intriguing country, so take advantage of your time to make the most of our country by choosing the right companion for your trip. IDC Travel is able to help you to discover Vietnam in an authentic way and bring home unforgettable memories.