Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc – The Kingdom of Sea Stars in Vietnam

Situated between Hang Cape and Bai Khem Cape in the island’s southern region, Starfish Beach (Bãi Sao in Vietnamese) is celebrated as one of Phu Quoc’s most exquisite beaches. It enchants visitors with its velvety, white sands and tranquil, soothing waves, offering a serene retreat amidst the island’s luminous charm. A haven where pristine natural beauty seamlessly coalesces with serene seascapes, Starfish Beach doesn’t just offer a beach; it provides a blissful escape into a tranquil maritime utopia.

Where is Starfish Beach located?

Nestled approximately 25 kilometers from the heart of Dong Duong town in the southern reaches of Phu Quoc lies the enchanting Starfish Beach, located in Bai Sao Hamlet, An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc City, Kien Giang Province. The beach intriguingly inherits its name from a captivating nocturnal phenomenon involving its starfish. Local lore tells that, from time immemorial, as the sun makes its descent, a mystical black hue gently envelops the otherwise white shoreline.

Thousands of starfish, in a seemingly orchestrated motion, cascade toward the shore to bask in the luminescent moonlight, bestowing the beach with its moniker – “Sao,” translating to Star. Remarkably, it is Phu Quoc’s sole beach boasting an ivory-hued, soft sandbank. Palms gently sway, their fronds caressing the compliant sea breeze. Not only celebrated for its untouched landscapes, Starfish Beach also garners acclaim for its rich biodiversity, particularly its vibrant orange starfish, symbolizing a flourishing aquatic realm amidst the serene scenery.

Best Time to Visit Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

Starfish Beach in June

Starfish Beach in June

While Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc welcomes visitors throughout the year, the best time to explore its breathtaking beauty unfolds during the summer months, specifically from June to October. Although these months coincide with the rainy season, the sea maintains a serene and inviting demeanor, offering clear, placid waters. Particularly, the months of September and October are renowned for showcasing an abundant display of starfish, enveloping the beach in a spectacular marine spectacle. It stands as a picture-perfect destination, providing ample opportunities to immortalize the untouched, oceanic splendor through your lens. Experience the tranquility and awe-inspiring natural showcase of Starfish Beach, where each visit paints a unique and enchanting portrait of Phu Quoc’s maritime wonders.

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Things to Do in Starfish Beach

Join Striking Beach Activities


Phu Quoc’s Starfish Beach (Sao Beach) perpetually captivates visitors with its raw, enchanting allure. Stretching elegantly over 7 kilometers, the beach, with its velvety, cream-white sand, is cradled amidst two majestic seaside mountain ranges. The languid ocean, donned in a resplendent aquarium blue, murmurs gently as it caresses the shore. Waves twinkle softly beneath ancient, wind-whispered palm trees, crafting a tranquil oasis bathed in gentle sunlight. The waters here, noted for their calm and shallowness, afford safety for children and non-swimmers alike. Submerging oneself in the crystalline waters, basking in the vibrant sunlight, and relishing refreshing beverages beneath the verdant canopy of trees combine to curate an exhilarating experience that’s simply indispensable.


Snorkeling in Bai Sao, Phu Quoc

Snorkeling in Bai Sao

Sao Beach harbors a vibrant assembly of aquatic life, with the central to distant areas of the seafloor revealing truly enchanting underwater spectacles. The crystal-clear, cyan waters unveil a mesmerizing, diverse marine ecosystem, ripe for admiration and exploration. A plethora of coral reefs, showcasing a variety of shapes and sizes, gracefully adorn the ocean floor, accompanied by stunningly colorful schools of fish, weaving through the tranquil waters.

An excursion to delve into the ocean’s depths is indispensable during a visit. Snorkeling tours at Bai Sao in Phu Quoc are available, with prices ranging from 300,000 to 1,500,000 VND, providing an affordable gateway to explore the bewitching submarine landscapes and immerse oneself in the aquatic wonder that lies beneath the gentle waves of Sao Beach.


Kayaking in Starfish Beach

Kayaking in Starfish Beach

Should the allure of gliding through sunrise or sunset vistas captivate your imagination, a kayak journey at Bai Sao is an unmissable adventure. The ethereal panorama promises to effortlessly steal your breath away, crafting moments of tranquil awe. Kayak rentals are available at an accessible rate of 100,000 VND per hour. Additionally, for those seeking a dash of exhilaration or a breeze-driven glide across the waters, motorboats and windsurfing options are also available for rent, offering varied avenues to explore and indulge in the mesmerizing seascapes that Bai Sao lovingly presents.

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Take Picturesque Photos of the Beach

Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc is also a haven for photographers. Adorned in its majestic blue attire, the sea welcomes you with the rhythmic dance of its gentle tides. The sand, distinguished by a unique sugar-white shade, provides a floury caress beneath your feet, transporting you into a mesmerizing aquatic utopia. A visit to Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc is imperative; trust in the assurance that your shutter button will be ceaselessly active, capturing the boundless beauty and ethereal moments gifted by this spectacular coastal gem. The enchanting landscape and vibrant atmospheres will etch themselves into your memory, immortalized through each snapshot.

Watch Sunset and Sunrise over the Ocean

Sunset on Bai Sao

Sunset on Bai Sao

Experiencing a sunset at Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc is to witness a spellbinding visual spectacle that lingers in memory. As the sun delicately lowers itself amidst the white clouds, it bathes the sky in a brilliant orange luminescence. The beach’s powdery, white sand softly adopts a marigold orange tint, enhancing the enchanting ambiance. A relaxed stroll along the shoreline, observing the waves gently lapping against the sand, morphs into an indelible experience for those who venture to Bai Sao. The intersection of serene motion and vibrant colors crafts a moment that is not only observed but deeply felt by every traveler who luxuriates in its ephemeral beauty.

Visit Rach Vem Fishing Village

Rach Vem Floating Fishing Village

Rach Vem Floating Fishing Village

Rach Vem Fishing Village offers a more intimate coastal experience compared to the expansiveness of Starfish Beach, with its coast stretching a cozy 4 kilometers in length and 800 meters in width. A visit to a raft house in Rach Vem provides a delightful opportunity to envelop yourself in the sweet, briny air while absorbing the unspoiled beauty of Phu Quoc. Positioned 200 – 400 meters from the shoreline, the raft houses here, reminiscent of stilt houses, are sturdily constructed with stakes deeply embedded into the sandy sea bed, encircled protectively with bamboo and wooden planks.

Perched atop the raft houses, visitors are treated to freshly prepared seafood while savoring the expansive ocean views. Additionally, an adventurous interaction with locals might grant you a glimpse into their marine life – an opportunity to explore fish rafts, deploy nets, and engage in squid and other seafood-catching activities offshore. It’s a wholesome immersion into the vibrant, yet tranquil life at sea.

Enjoy Delicious Seafood

Delicious seafood in Phu Quoc

Delicious seafood in Phu Quoc

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, Starfish Beach also presents a wide array of delectable fresh seafood, infused with Vietnam’s unique and rich flavors. Opt to savor your meals at alfresco beachside eateries or from seafood vendors, all offering their culinary delights at affordable prices. Here are some must-try seafood specialties at Bai Sao Beach that culinary enthusiasts will not want to bypass:

  • Herring Salad: A perfect combination of raw fish meat with grated coconut, minced garlic, onion, and other fresh herbs.
  • Grilled Sea Urchin: Sea urchin is filled with scallion oil and then grilled on a charcoal stove. Enjoy this dish, you will feel the sweetness of sea urchin meat and the savory aroma of green onions and peanuts.
  • Grilled Saurel: One of the most famous dishes in Phu Quoc. Grilled saurel is cut into small chunks, wrapped in rice paper with fresh vegetables, and dipped in lemon pepper salt.

Each dish, from appetizers to sweet refreshments, not only represents the abundant marine life in Phu Quoc but also showcases the vibrant and flavorful culinary landscape of Vietnam, ensuring that your gastronomical journey on Starfish Beach is as memorable and stunning as its picturesque vistas.

How to Get to Bai Sao?

Beginning in Dong Duong Town, embark on your journey by steering your vehicle along Tran Hung Dao Street. Upon reaching Highway 46, persist southwards for approximately 20 minutes. Upon traversing a bridge, the welcoming vicinity of Bai Sao village emerges. At this juncture, your destination is nearly within reach.

Proceed straight, navigating through the local market, and steer toward the road boasting a prominent “7UP” sign. A junction at its conclusion presents paths leading to “Long Beach,” “Lang Toi,” and “My Lan” restaurants, with your choice dictating your route to Sao Beach. However, traveler reviews commonly suggest that opting for the route towards Long Beach restaurant proves most convenient.

While the path to Bai Sao in Phu Quoc can be somewhat challenging for novice drivers, the reward lies in the paradisiacal landscape that awaits your admiration. Should you find yourself uncertain of the way, the amiable locals are often more than willing to guide you.

Below are some travel options:

  • By Motorbike: Adventure seekers might favor motorbikes, allowing an engaged exploration of the en route surroundings. Moreover, renting a motorbike is a financially sound option, generally costing between 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day.
  • By Car: For families, cars may present a more fitting transportation method. Expect approximately a 40-minute drive from the heart of Dong Duong Town, with a typical taxi fare being around 360,000 VND/trip.

A day in Bai Sao is generally enough for you to experience all of its beauty. If your time does not permit, you can even visit Starfish Beach in a half-day; start in the early morning and return after lunch on the beach. Please refer to our list of Phu Quoc Day Tours for suggested itineraries or contact us right now for a customized program.

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