Laos Tourist and Travel Maps for 2023

Once called the “land of a million elephants”, Laos is a country that attracts with its varied landscapes of fertile plains, mountainous landscapes, waterfalls and wild nature. Come and discover the splendor of its many temples and its intense life centered around the Mekong and its tributaries. The Laotian people are very warm; they will know how to welcome you with great hospitality. Laos offers an infinite diversity of centers of interest, travel concepts, for all ages. No matter you are a couple, with friends or family, Laos is totally suitable. IDC travel brings you the best Laos tourist maps to help you plan an unmissable stay here. Therefore, we hope you can achieve an amazing trip in this country.

Laos Travel Maps

Laos is full of beautiful places, each more exceptional than the next, between its architecture that has remained traditional and its Buddhist temples, its fabulous landscapes, its many waterfalls and waterfalls, its caves nestled in the middle of nature that has often remained in its raw state. , its river and its tributaries. This country is a hidden gem that is attracting more and more people.

Laos tourist maps

Laos travel maps

Laos is a country with varied landscapes between the mountains in the north, its plateaus and its tea and coffee plantations, its spectacular waterfalls and waterfalls and its paradise islands in the south. It is also the country of temples, religious festivals, without forgetting the Mekong, nicknamed the “mother of the waters” which is at the heart of the daily life of the inhabitants of Laos. Along this river, we discover an incredible diversity of landscapes and encounters… It’s up to you to discover!

The North

Northern Laos is a mountainous region with lush vegetation, crisscrossed by rivers and rice paddies, in addition, in this land, modern development has yet to alter a wild Asia mythologized by generations of travelers and explorers. This sparsely populated rural region is characterized in particular by its cultural and ethnic diversity. Many ethnic minority communities live far from the main roads and maintain their ancestral ways of life, beliefs and rituals. Of exceptional beauty, the north of Laos offers the opportunity for very authentic getaways, and is aimed at seasoned travelers who wish to immerse themselves in an Asia where time seems to have no hold.

Northern Laos tourist map

Northern Laos travel map

Destinations should not be missed in northern Laos: Nong Khiaw, Huay Xai, Pakbeng, Luang Prabang (The Caves of Pak Ou), UNESCO World Heritage Site and Phonsavan and the Plain of Jars.

The Central of Laos

Central Laos will give you the opportunity to satisfy your taste for adventure and difficult travel without giving up on more cultural stops in the elegant enclaves of Savannakhet and Tha Khaek.

Tourist map of Central Laos

Travel map of Central Laos

Dotted with caves and crisscrossed by intense green jungle, central Laos also attracts climbers keen to tackle world-class routes, as well as trekkers keen to explore the unspoiled region of Dong Phu Vieng – what a trip you take you to sleep with the spirits in a Katang village! Flagship activity, underground exploration continues on the surface in a karstic landscape, crisscrossed by a myriad of rivers suitable for kayaking. This part of the country has the largest forest cover and highest concentration of wildlife, including some extinct species, in the rest of Southeast Asia.

The South

The last part in our Laos travel maps is the South of Laos. The southern region of Laos remains the mildest climatically and the most intriguing, since three of the most isolated and less inaccessible provinces are in the south.

One of the great things about this part of Laos is the amount of time around the majestic Mekong. This has made it a popular destination for travelers from many places. Besides, it has allowed for this area to develop a culture that feels at home with nature.


Map of Southern Laos

Do not miss visiting the impressive Vat Phu, Champasak, an incredible Khmer sanctuary. Its location is in a place totally isolated from the world. The Boloven plateau, especially those of Tad Lo and its coffee-rich lands, the 4000 islands, a group of islets lost off the Mekong takes you to a timeless environment. A true paradise on earth! Not to mention the provinces of Salavan, Sekong and Attapeu, still poorly served by road networks but harboring innumerable natural.  If you find struggles with making a tour in Laos, you can refer our tour for exploring Laos in 12 days or combining visiting other nearby countries in tour of Heritages of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in 15 days.

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