Cambodia Tourist & Travel Maps 2023

Cambodia is a land that has kept impressive traces of its history, as evidenced by the cities marked by colonialism (Kampot, Battambang, etc.) or the temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Phrom. Nature has made a place for itself in the sun by mixing its roots with incredible monuments. Our Cambodia tourist maps below contain all the information you will need for your trip to Cambodia and should help you plan a great itinerary for your stay in this beautiful country.

How not to succumb to the magic of Cambodia, both charming and mystical? Many travelers fall in love with Cambodia and its endearing people with contagious smiles. Check out our Cambodia Tourist Maps below to get an overview of the most interesting destinations.

The Cambodia Tourist Maps

Cambodia is a country with striking, rich and contrasting landscapes. Its flora and fauna have made it a picturesque place. The Mekong River, the “sea of ​​water”, has irrigated the country and spawned magnificent plantations, rice paddies and plantation forests of bamboo, palm, banana and rubber trees covering the Cardamom and elephant to the delight of our eyes. Let yourself be transported to this fascinating universe of Southeast Asia.

Remnants of the past are still present in Cambodia. We challenge you not to succumb to the charm of the temples of Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bayon (the temple with 200 faces), and Ta Phrom, an ancient monastery that hosted the filming of the film Tomb Raider in the north of the country. It is in the calm and relaxing city of Siem Reap that you can stay before discovering the temples.

Therefor, to better understand Cambodian history, do not miss the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a real must in Phnom Penh, the capital. After exhausting days of walking, you will have the opportunity to reach the coast and its heavenly beaches or the lively town of Sihanoukville, a seaside resort renowned for its trendy bars and nightlife.


During a tour in Cambodia, you will be amazed by the majesty of nature which dominates Angkorian temples with its powerful roots and gives the place a magical atmosphere.

To the east, the tropical forests and mountains of Mondulkiri or Rotanakiri let themselves be shaken by shattering waterfalls, for walks full of adventure in the midst of endemic flora and fauna. The floating villages around Tonlé Sap Lake are an opportunity for exceptional encounters with welcoming inhabitants, who will be happy to introduce you to the culinary specialties of their country, such as amok.

Cambodia is not just a story, it is a magical country that is lived day by day! Follow Cambodia travel maps to discover special places in different parts of Cambodia.

The East

Eastern Cambodia is generally cooler. However, the best time to discover this region is winter, because during the monsoon the roads are difficult to access.

East Cambodia tourist map

East Cambodia tourist map

During a tour to eastern Cambodia, you will have the chance to discover all kinds of landscapes. Stroll between the palm groves to the south or head north, you can watch the mountainous landscapes of Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri, all covered in lush forests where surprising species have taken up residence. With a little luck, you will encounter Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins! Or share delicious moments alongside the ethnic minorities of the region. A host of richer experiences await you around this paradise.

The Northwest

In its center, the splendid Tonlé Sap lake is surrounded by small typical villages. The region includes the Cardamom Mountains to the Dangkrek Mountains and is home to must-see pre-Angkorian temples such as Prasat Preah Vihear or Bantey Chhmar. This is also where you will find the famous temples of Angkor Wat! To immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture of the west, head to Battambang to see the rich heritage and the many tourist sites of the region.

Therefore, it’s up to you to venture into the Cardamom Mountains, which cover a wild tropical forest sheltering rare animal and plant species! Check out our following North West tourist map for an overview of the best destinations in this region.

North West Cambodia tourist map

The South

The Cambodian coast is a varied and colorful place! The local towns each have their own little secret. Sihanoukville, a real seaside resort, is the breeding ground for fruitful encounters in its trendy bars. Koh Kong transports you for a few moments with its far west allure. Meanwhile, Kampot recalls the colonial era (production of one of the best peppers in the world). Not far from there, paradisiacal beaches, enchanting islets like Koh Rong, and rich ecosystems further inland. Depending on where you go, the tone will not be the same. Relax on the edges of the coast or escape to the Cambodian hinterland for more sensations is up to you.

South Cambodia tourist map

Tourist map of Phnom Penh and its surroundings

The city is above all a perfect mix of colors, sounds, market smells and entertainment of all kinds. The traffic is also very dense and requires constant attention! Phnom Penh intrigues with the parades of its monks in traditional dress, the charm of its bars, and cafés. The nearby Mekong offers you an in-depth insight into the life and culture of the people on the river.

Tourist map of Phnom Penh and its surroundings

Tourist map of Phnom Penh and its surroundings

Hope the Cambodia Tourist Maps information above will be useful for your trip to Cambodia. If you need any other information, such as available tours to save time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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